Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion

Here we are in 2019, what better to start, with the news of special offers 2019 McLouis Fusion. The new McLouis Fusion has started with promoting the range, with dealer support on free kux packs. This provides customers with that extra specification. That has to be good news for anyone looking for a fixed bed layout arrangement. There are 5 models, in the McLouis Fusion range. This is a good way to enhance the specifications on them, even further.

So, let us take a look at the value this brings in more detail. This is a very genuine offer on any McLouis Fusion purchased in January and up until February the 28th 2019, from a McLouis Fusion dealer. The lux pack represents a saving of £2,500. There is the added value of when you decide to sell your McLouis Fusion in the future. Having the lux pack, provides those extras, that make a difference to the residual value. Again, demonstrating the free lux pack has additional value, as well as some practical fittings.

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – Let’s Take A Look

There is some real value in the free pack offers, this offer is worth £2,500. With fitted Remis cab blinds, providing that privacy and insulation. The Thule awning canopy, providing that shade from the sun and nasty things like rain. This also, provides that dining or relaxing area, that is ideal for families. Now, when it comes to parking on that campsite, then that reversing camera is going to come in handy! Time for that spring clean, then those removable carpets will make the job easy. So, here is those lux pack features again, featuring:

  1. Remis cab blinds
  2. Thule awning canopy
  3. Reversing camera
  4. Removable carpets

Terms and conditions will apply. Not available on existing orders or in conjunction with any other offers. The offer ends 28th February 2019.

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – Key Fetchures

There are many key fetchures already as standard on the McLouis Fusion range. Often found on other motorhomes as optional extras. Not so on a McLouis Fusion motorhomes. There is quite a lists;

  • manual cab air-conditioning
  • cruise control
  • driver and passenger airbags
  • cab seat covers
  • fifth homologated seat
  • opening skydome
  • blind and flyscreen
  • pleated sliding mosquito net on entrance door
  • XXL beds (1.60m x 1.90m) with step storage areas and reclining headboards
  • seitz windows
  • walk-on roof in fibreglass
  • garage doors have wide dimensions
  • heated and garage has lighting
  • lowered doors allows easy loading
  • Color coded front bumper in white
  • integrated daytime running lights
  • 100w solar panel

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – Turning Heads

The McLouis Fusion range already has a great UK specification. The real value comprises of 4 berths, on each model. With 4/5 seatbelts, on travelling seats. All fixed bed layouts and a large rear garage. The introduction of the McLouis Fusion range, has certainly started to turn heads. With the excellent Italian styling, the McLouis Fusion range, certainly caters for many different motorhome customers tastes. Already, demonstrating, that it is going to be a hit, with a discerning motorhome public. The specification and layouts on the 5 models, demonstrates a quality that is second to none. Especially, at the price entry point of the models available in the UK! Now, with the free lux pack offer, this just takes the McLouis Fusion range, to another level. Now, offering an even more stylish appearance and innovative look. Both, inside and out you cannot fail to be impressed. The new McLouis Fusion range, is setting new benchmarks, for both value and quality of the highest order.

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – Made In Italy

So, now where are you able to see the McLouis Fusion range? At McLouis Fusion dealers, who are already established and specialising in selling the McLouis Fusion range. The McLouis Fusion dealer base, is making further appointed dealers. This is all done by Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, who are providing exclusivity to the appointed dealers. This is a new development that McLouis and Auto-Sleeper are developing. Both, are part of the Trigano Group. Tigano are one of Europe’s leading motorhome manufacturers. With many know brands sell in Europe and the UK. The McLouis Fusion are produced from the factory in Italy.

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – Exclusive UK

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – Italian Designs

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – The Video

See the video of the McLouis Fusion range. Take an in depth look, at your local McLouis Fusion dealership. Book a test drive and come along and see the motorhomes inside their showroom. Have a question? Then let us help you, we are happy to help anyone interested in buying one of theses exceptional Italian motorhomes.

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – Value For Money

There is no doubt that the McLouis Fusion range offers value for money. There are 5 coach built models with practical fixed bed layouts available.The real value comes from the fact that they are able to sleep up to 4 people. With the comfort renowned from McLouis in Italy. Auto-Sleepers are no strangers to well equipped kitchen areas. All of the range provides options, that are perfect for cooking. With space for entertaining when travelling. Each motorhome is perfectly designed with every detail taken care of. All the range are well equipped, that enables owners to get away with minimal fuss. Especially, now in summer or winter, the McLouis Fusion has plenty to offer when it comes down to build quality.In addition, the cab has air conditioning. With the habitation area has the benefit of a Combi 6E blown air heating system.

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – Standard Driving Licence

The real added value also comes in the way the designs, that have been well thought through. This has some more added benefits, as all 5 models can be downgraded to 3500kg. Therefore, this allows them to be driven on a standard driving licence. We know that this makes a real difference and provides even more options.

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – Dealers At Shows

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion – Motorhome Shows

Special Offers 2019 McLouis Fusion