Staycation the new motorhome holiday experience

Staycation-changing motorhomes campervans caravans trending. According to the latest figures, Motorhomes, Campervans and Caravan sales have never been so popular. There is great concern that the whole motorhome holiday rental industry is very short of motorhomes to rent out. The world of motorhome holidays is changing with more motorhomes for hire and more owners realizing that using platforms like Goboony they earn money from rentals to offset some costs of owning a motorhome campervan or campervan.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the disruption of air travel and international holidays ‘staycations’ exploded in popularity in 2020/21. Owners who were apprehensive about renting out their leisure vehicle are quickly becoming converted. As a result, many Brits decided to climb into a motorhome for the first time or start caravanning. Undoubtedly, people were thinking about taking up motorhome staycations as a hobby. Was this just the push they needed?

Staycation pent up demand higher prices

People after a year largely stuck at home, many wanting to get out and about, ASAP staycation was born. The shortage of leisure vehicles slowed down the “phenomenal growth” of motorhome enthusiasts, all wanting to buy or rent leisure vehicles. Motorhomes for hire have become sought after. We did some data-digging around our contacts the shortage of used motorhomes has become quite concerning. New motorhomes have not had enough chassis due to component delays in things like semiconductors and microchips. Leisure vehicle manufacturers and van converters alike have to face up to announce fewer hours until things change. Some manufacturers are facing quoting 2023 delivery on some models. As the saying goes, “You cannot sell off an empty barrow” That is what many now face doing dealer’s closures are inevitable the knock-on effects are beginning to see if a staycation is going to continue.

Search motorhome staycation holidays online

Our readers know we do get a lot of traffic from different search terms Google, reported an all-time high for search interest in motorhomes and campervans, particular for “motorhomes for sale” in the UK. Many Brits went on their first motorhome holiday in 2020. Scotland and Cornwall were popular destinations. After lockdown came the dealer pressure from customers wanting to buy a motorhome or campervan endless reports of first-time buyers wanting one ASAP. As the shortage grew, prices went up, this becoming a continuing trend in 2021. No doubt new list prices will also rise, reports of circa between £3,000 and £10,000 depending on models. Will the rental experience now continue growing will the owner rental grow faster? We think so, as more people like the local staycation holiday then if the campsites and stayovers can cope we have a whole new ball game about to start.

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Unhappy sell your motorhome or campervan 

Many have now experienced the joys of motorhome rentals and now thinking of buying a motorhome or campervan is not a decision to be taken lightly. Some people purchased a motorhome or campervan and did not rent one out first. Many thousands of Brits committed and invested in a leisure vehicle.

Of course, many first-time motorhome and campervan owners did not realise that campsites would need reservations in advance. Shortage of spaces was then going to be inevitable. Pre-bookings for a campsite space are very high and books for this year even higher. Many people say they will not leave the UK for an international holiday until the pandemic is over.

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