Surviving NEC Motorhome Show

Surviving NEC Motorhome Show. Just why and what would you need, to survive the NEC motorhome show? Often as an exhibitor, you need that staying power. To keep on your feet for long hours, talking to potential customers, This is all part of the survival plan. From a customers point of view, surviving the NEC motorhome show makes sense, But, not until you have done day one. Survival is all about not being confused. Just how many stands, did you walk onto. What was that salesperson talking about on stand 3150? What now comes to mind was making a list of important things. Just how much was that McLouis Fusion motorhome? Anyway, you survived day 1 only 5 more to go!

Whilst, we all are able to be wise after the event! You have set yourself targets, to make this show work for your final motorhome decision. But, after day one, you really are back to where you started. Now, there is no point in writing off the event, yes, you may have to stay longer! Just think of the weekend when all the real crowds attend! Now, let’s start your day with a good breakfast. Well, that soggy sandwich yesterday, did not go down too well! Right, we need a notepad and pen. List what you have seen and who you spoke to. What was the stand number? Get a show guide it will save hours! Don’t despair you could be the salesperson with a similar problem as you? Yes, they speak to hundreds of customers, some old and some new prospects. At, that point your mobile rings, it’s Angus, he spoke to you yesterday! Really, your sorry but, you will pop back today to see him. What was his stand number? What motorhome was he selling? Whoops, you cut him off!

Surviving NEC Motorhome Show Day One

Right, just before you set off, are those trainers in the car? They would be far more comfortable, than these designer shoes. They just about made your feet feel like lead weights. Just like in need of real treatment! Being comfortable, with the right clothes and footwear are essential. So, let’s get a few things right before, we go into the show today;

  1. notepad and pen
  2. show guide
  3. comfortable footwear
  4. comfortable clothes
  5. planned lunch break
  6. names and numbers of motorhome salespersons
  7. makes and models you have looked at
  8. just remember the motorhome that like make a note
  9. take your time this is not a race day
  10. be prepared for weekend crowds

Surviving NEC Motorhome Show Day Two

So, it is now 4.30 pm and you are still not sure of what you need to consider. The notepad is now, quite a few pages full and you at least know who and what you have seen! Back to the hotel, sounds like a good idea. Day 2 is about to end and your legs are really telling you, to take a rest. Now, maybe a different approach, maybe in order? Especially if you are a first-time motorhome buyer? You may have an idea of the type of motorhome that you like. There is a good chance that you have some really good offers in your notepad. However, the NEC like most large motorhome shows have talks held in the live theatre. This is so informative and sometimes, popular celebrities, industry experts or journalists are in attendance. The talks make practical sense. They are also particularly useful if you are new to leisure and motorhome products. Maybe DAY 3 needs to be spent getting some great inspiration for your next motorhome adventure. But, you must buy a motorhome first!

Surviving NEC Motorhome Show Day Three

Now, that idea of listening to talks and the experts have paid off. The understanding of the motorhome jargon is beginning to pay off. You now know that you do need a 4 berth, hopefully with at least 4 travelling seats and a rear garage. You now understand, that your driving license, will be OK to drive a motorhome under 3,500 kg. So, as you enter day 4, it looks pretty good you will do a deal!  Anything, to avoid those big weekend crowds! Now just what motorhomes will fit what you want? Only you will decide the outcome of that. So, remember to enjoy the motorhome show.

Don’t forget to find out about motorhome finance, motorhome insurance and what motorhome warranty is available. Also, when you take delivery of your motorhome. Reflect and just remember the effort and dedication, that you actually went in to buy it! That Italian McLouis Fusion motorhome looks to have been an ideal perfect match in your final choice. Yes, and matches all the things on your list. Well, that was the first one, you spotted in the main entrance hall. Why did you walk about 10 miles in 4 days after that? It was just ideal and guess what? Yes, you brought it from Angus!