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Swift Motorhome Group Escape Bessacarr. The Swift motorhome group started out building caravans. In fact, with a simple principle of making products innovative in design, quality and most important value for money. Being in the caravan making industry was challenging in the early years. The team of founders Ken and Joan took on the giants of the leisure vehicle industry. At that time, as people began to enjoy their leisure time. To many, it was becoming a top priority in the UK. To that end, the company began to be recognised for quality and value. So, today the Swift motorhome group, are now a major player in the UK and becoming a significant force in Europe.

The Swift motorhome group new targets of excellence continues. The fact remains, that the UK the Swift motorhome group, operates in all three market sectors. Motorhomes, caravans and static mobile homes. The leisure vehicles operation continue to grow, whilst it has taken time. They are very well established and represented in the UK. The Swift motorhome group, dealer network, is well established and supports all of the Swift motorhome group requirements. Having created a well-known company, that continues to provide brand new Swift products. No doubt, that will continue to appeal to customers, old and new, for the next 50 years.

Swift Motorhome Group Models

The Swift motorhome group provides great communications. Both, to old and new customers. Much of this is via Swift TV. The models are constantly assessed and information updated. Swift products are on display and kept up to date. This includes the latest 2019, season models. For example, there are four ranges of Swift Caravans, Sprite, Challenger and Eccles. Also, not forgetting the top of the range, the Swift Elegance. Alongside, the Swift motorhome group range, there is a lot of choices. The motorhome Swift ranges are the Bessacarr and Escape models. Swift motorhomes models are;

  1. Select
  2. Escape motorhomes
  3. Escape compact
  4. Rio
  5. Esprit
  6. Bolero
  7. Kon-Tiki
  8. Sundance
  9. Bessacarr
  10. 400 Series
  11. 500 Series
  12. E400
  13. E500
  14. Autocruise motorhomes
  15. Autocruise van conversions

Swift Motorhomes Group 2019

As per normal, the grass does not grow under the Swift 2019 range. It again excels in the tradition of introducing new fetchers. All being researched by what the customers are looking for. The Swift motorhome group range is available with many innovative improvements. See, the video below that explains the changes being updated. With the Escape and Bessacarr range, again being a driving force. The new looking flagship of the Swift motorhome group, the Swift Kon Tiki, taking pride of place. A great range of tradition and that very made in the UK, for over 50 years.

Swift Motorhome Group Bessacarr 2019

It is hardly surprising, to see the classic Swift Bessacarr completely redesigned last season. This was all well planned and carried out to stunning effect. With the inclusion of the Black metallic cab and complementary Black Edition graphics. To say that along with its distinctive streamlined low profile and lavish interior, it stood out was an understatement. True to the Swift Bessacarr reputation, this remained an icon of luxury and performance With the SMART construction with balanced panel GRP side walls and timber-less framing. Useful locker added even more useful exterior storage. The Swift Bessacarr range of thirteen layouts, with front lounge and travelling dinette options. All available. Plus the fixed bed arrangements, that were providing two layouts with mid-transverse washroom and rear fixed beds.

Swift Motorhomes Group Escape 2019

This 2019 motorhome, the Swift Escape, continues to be one of the UK’s best selling single motorhome ranges. The appearance is distinctive with new cab-coordinated graphics. This is a very streamlined, low profile exterior. Not to be outdone the stylish interior and great value specification does not disappoint. Far from it, there is no doubt, that it continues to set the benchmark. Especially, in the entry-level coach-built sector. With class-leading SMART construction remains a popular method of build. In 2019 there is an expanded choice of 10 layouts. The introduction of the new 612 and the very attractive pricing. This very desirable motorhome range, is ideal for anyone, looking for their first new motorhome.

Swift Motorhome Group Kon Tiki

The video takes you around the new redesign flagship Kon-tiki range. The style both inside and out is quite outstanding. Both low-line and high-line models appear to be very aerodynamic. With the very new integrated GRP over-cab. This is with the full height GRP rear panel with a curved stargazer roof window. Other features in appearance, combine the flush fitting windows and new exclusive LED rear light clusters. There is also the safety side of things including the Swift Vision. That takes in featuring the colour side and rearview cameras. Just in case colder climates, are pursued, there is a new heated captain chair, Even more at home is the underfloor heating in seating areas. With a choice of five models including two new TAG axles with mid-transverse washroom and rear fixed beds. The Kon Tiki does not disappoint.

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