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Auto Sleeper Ltd motorhomes are based in the Cotswolds and are a British motorhome manufacturer. Hence, they have a vast experience in motorhome construction. Thus, with outstanding designs in motorhomes, van conversions and campervans. Also, they have been producing motorhomes for over 50 years.

The Autosleeper Group sold out to Trigano Group in 2017. Along with the UK’s largest dealer group Marquis Leisure. Sometimes known as Auto-Sleeper or Autosleeper and Autosleepers. Thus, designing award winning motorhomes. In fact using the experience of a bespoke motorhome manufacturing.

Why Auto Sleeper motorhomes?

In addition, they have award winning luxury motorhomes and carry out Mercedes-Benz van conversions. Hence, using the Mercedes-Benz chassis in the luxury range. In addition, using Peugeot chassis for coach-built and van conversions. Also working with Mercedes Benz on the luxury motorhome side. The Auto Sleeper group are now are part of the Trigano group, the brand goes from strength to strength. Being one of the UK’s longest established brands.

Buying Auto-Sleepers Locally

Buying Auto-Sleepers Locally Here we have an interesting debate, about buying Auto-Sleepers locally. Maybe, you have been in this situation? Having had to make that decision, to buy from your local Autosleeper dealer. There is the old saying a job at home, is worth two away! However, here we are talking about spending some serious money, as Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, are not cheap items. Historically, it may have been the case, that my local Autosleeper dealer [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Spare Parts

Auto-Sleeper Spare Parts So, there you are looking for Auto-Sleeper spare parts, where do you begin? Online of course and go straight to Auto Sleeper direct, they have a simple parts service.  Located in the main Auto-Sleepers factory site in Willersey in the UK. They have ready access to thousands of parts. All you have to do is register and use the online parts service. It really is that simple to do. They specialise in Auto-Sleeper parts [...]

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Auto-Sleeper 2018 Model Changes

Auto-Sleeper 2018 Model Changes Following, on with news from Auto-Sleeper 2018 model changes, There was not a great deal of changes, for the 2018 range. See, the latest 2018 Auto-Sleeper models listed, on our new motorhomes pages. There will be some very nice changes to the 2018 models. With 12, coachbuilts, 3, Autosleeper Corinium AL KO coachbuilts and 7, van conversions. That is including the new award winning Autosleeper Symbol Plus and the Autosleeper [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Blog Owners

Auto-Sleeper Blog Owners Are you Auto-Sleeper blog owners? Do you own an Auto-Sleeper and run a blog about your motorhome adventurers? You do? Great then why not let us know? Also, we would love to know about your Auto-Sleeper motorhome and your blog. In fact, we are happy to provide a place to blog about your blog right here. Many like to share that experience and help others find more information about where they have been travelling. In [...]

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