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Auto-Sleeper Ltd are UK motorhome manufacturers based in the Autosleeper factory in the Cotswolds they have a vast experience in motorhome construction. With outstanding designs in coach-built motorhomes, van conversions and campervans. All part of producing motorhomes for over 57 years. The Autosleeper group sold out to the French Trigano group in 2017. Along, with the UK’s largest motorhome dealers, Marquis leisure. Sometimes, known as Auto-Sleeper or Autosleeper and Autosleepers. Designing award-winning motorhomes, such as the Autosleeper Nuevo and the Autosleeper Broadway range. No doubt, using the experience of bespoke motorhome manufacturing. They have award-winning Auto-Sleeper luxury motorhomes. Autosleeper Mercedes Benz coach-built and Peugeot van conversions of distinction. In October 2018, the exclusive McLouis Fusion range from sister company McLouis was launched at the NEC motorhome show. To outstanding acclaim, the specialist McLouis Fusion range are very sought after,

Used Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes Special Offers

Used Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes Special Offers Used Auto-Sleeper motorhomes special offers, are they out there? Any, experienced Auto-Sleeper team, selling motorhomes, will show you around if they have one. However, do they have a selection of used Auto-Sleeper used motorhomes? Anyone, offering motorhome advice, knows a good used Auto-Sleeper, sells quickly. There just are not that many, to choose from. Many, don't even get advertised, as they are pre-sold. Why is this? Again, they are all layouts and berths, [...]

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Buying Auto-Sleepers Locally

Buying Auto-Sleepers Locally Here we have an interesting debate, about buying Auto-Sleepers locally. Maybe, you have been in this situation? Having had to make that decision, to buy from your local Autosleeper dealer. There is the old saying a job at home, is worth two away! However, here we are talking about spending some serious money, as Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, are not cheap items. Historically, it may have been the case, that my local Autosleeper dealer [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Servicing

Auto-Sleeper Servicing There is some real peace of mind when using the Auto-Sleeper servicing facility because this is a service that is direct from Auto-Sleepers. Having set up next to the Auto-Sleeper factory at Willersey it provides a central location and overnight facilities. Also with full Auto-Sleeper servicing repairs as well as insurance and accident management. In addition to carrying out any Auto-Sleeper warranty work. Gold and silver servicing what do Auto-Sleepers have regarding motorhome servicing packages? [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Spare Parts

Auto-Sleeper Spare Parts So, there you are looking for Auto-Sleeper spare parts, where do you begin? Online of course and go straight to Auto Sleeper direct, they have a simple parts service.  Located in the main Auto-Sleepers factory site in Willersey in the UK. They have ready access to thousands of parts. All you have to do is register and use the online parts service. It really is that simple to do. They specialise [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Owners

Auto-Sleeper Owners There is no doubt, that Auto-Sleeper owners are looking for information. This is all about helping owners. So, be it current owners of these splendiferous motorhomes or customers, thinking of buying one. In fact, the idea is to help anyone, find the right information about the Auto-Sleeper models, layouts and designs. Consequently, there are many very happy Auto-Sleeper owners out there, enjoying using their Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. In addition, all owner information, is helping [...]

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