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Brexit Motorhomes well who knows the outcome and effect of the UK leaving the European market? What are the real impacts going to be. No doubt currency exchanges will prevail and just what that will mean is a hard call. Will motorhome jobs move overseas will the market be driven by the large operators? All questions to unfold by March 19th 2019!

Brexit Motorhome Countdown

Brexit Motorhome Countdown Brexit Motorhome Countdown a touchy subject? As, you read this article, hopefully, Brexit will not yet have happened. How, is it really going to affect motorhome, campervan and RV sales? Well the terms under which we may leave, still hang in the balance. But, the fact remains, the show is never over, until the fat lady sings! However, I can hear her rehearsing! But, things right now are not yet decided. Brexit Motorhome Countdown The [...]

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