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In fact, the subject of VAT free and disable motorhome mobility is a hot topic. Because, this is all about how genuine disable people can buy a motorhome. So, that has been made for their disability. Hence, new guidelines are that the new legislation was published in early 2016. Having just only been tightened up. It made it clear that only registered full time wheelchair users will be allowed to get help with a purchase of an adapted motorhome.

Also, this will be very welcome to anyone who is a disabled person. There is no doubt that motorhome motability needs better understanding, Especially if they have to get out and about in a motorhome. So, the benefit from paying no VAT on their purchase is a lot of money.

In fact, current UK VAT is 20% so, that is quite a saving. Also, dealers will welcome the new rules and hopefully the genuine disable person will get the benefit. In the first place disability, living allowances are a good thing. So they help genuine disable person to get transport. Thus, the Motability car scheme is large in the UK. Consequently, offering cars on an affordable lease. Why not motorhomes we may well ask?

Motorhome Motability

What is the motorhome motability for the disabled persons all about? So, firstly let us explain our reference of motorhome motability. We do not want to confuse our term of motorhome motability. for example, as with the car leasing scheme, run by the charity for disabled people. We refer for reference of ease, in trying to explain, what mobility motorhomes for disabled allowances are. Therefore, clearly there are questions everyday, do motability have motorhomes on the scheme? The simple answer is [...]

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