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Motorhome Marketing, there is no doubt that motorhome marketing is an ideal way to take a fresh look at your advertising budget? Hence, motorhome marketing has really gone up a gear. Also, with all of the new social media, you will need expert help.

Hence, everyone is going down the wrong road trying to do social media in-house. So, this is all about making sure you understand how it works! Also, what is the point of not promoting your business? In fact, on platforms that are FREE can you afford to not to take a look. Thus, your business success may depend on it!

Thus, not covering the features just sending a tweet here and there. Also, an odd post will bring success. So having a Google plus page because Google tells you to. Also, writing articles that are not unique. In fact, just copying and pasting others content. Also, you need a clear strategy in place not just everyone having a Facebook page will work.

Motorhome Marketing Matters

Motorhome Marketing Matters Well MMM, motorhome marketing matters, a lot in this day and age. So, where do you start? Where do you begin to understand what is needed to find success? You may well ask! But, this is not rocket science or is it? I feel sorry for people who try to manage a way round online marketing. It is a minefield of suck it and see. However, that takes time and time costs money! Windows 95 [...]

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Motorhomes Virtual Reality

Motorhomes Virtual Reality What makes motorhomes virtual reality special? A question that motorhomes campervans, put to our guest author, Joe Clark from V21 Productions. Who now have office space at; Antenna Media Centre, Beck Street, Nottingham NG1 1EQ. Hi there all Joe Clark here; Well here at V21 Productions, recognised the very nature of buying or selling a motorhome, is all about detail. As they say the devil is in the detail! In our first attempts to capture [...]

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Motorhomes Social Media

Motorhomes Social Media Where do we begin, at the start may be a good idea, as motorhomes social media, is a real topic for conversation. Being such large scale businesses, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, all are now giants in the advertising world. Not to mention YouTube and many other platforms like Google! In fact, Google trends is a real eye opener! The impact of promoting motorhomes via social media, is a key aspect of promoting any [...]

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Bury Your Head In The Sand

Bury Your Head In The Sand This saying "bury your head in the sand" comes from the habit of ostriches, apparently, hiding when faced with attack by predators! Just bury your head in the sand and therefore, you will not see the danger. We take this well known saying and apply it to background of what some motorhome dealers are doing! Burying their heads in the sand and not knowing that they are doing it. Consequently, this all leads [...]

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Motorhome Leads

Motorhome Leads The task we want to discuss, is not just how we generate leads, it is what our contacts do with them that counts. There are many customers who do not want to become a lead, but, do want the good motorhome information. Unfortunately, one usually accompanies the other! With the GDRP, general data protection regulation and the latest privacy policy 2018 in place. It would appear that legislation, is become harder than rocket science, to understand. So, [...]

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Motorhome Podcasts

Motorhome Podcasts A simple way, for getting that message to customers, via motorhome podcasts, all you have to do is listen! We believe that more customers want to know more details about motorhomes and campervans. So, for example with a podcast a salesperson can keep in touch with a customer and help other customers to find what they need to know. A very powerful inexpensive way of getting motorhome marketing to work well! Next [...]

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Motorhome Bloggers

Motorhome Bloggers What makes motorhome bloggers brilliant? Simple really, the imagination to tell it as it is! Keeping the readers interest is very important. But, to also provide a path to what a customer is looking for. Especially, from motorhome dealers, who have a clear mind to provide a top class service. Providing that motorhome blog that is informative. a blog that gets things right, these are worth their weight in gold. Even the good alongside the bad [...]

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Virtual Reality Motorhome Showrooms

Virtual Reality Motorhome Showrooms With leading manufacturers like Frankia Motorhomes, providing the VR experience on many models. Who needs a salesperson to show you round? Take your own private viewing in your own time. No sales people to bother you, just enjoy the experience and have time to compare motorhomes. The Virtual Reality Motorhome Showrooms are here now to drive motorhome sales to another planet! VR (Virtual Reality) What is virtual reality? This provides a simple way to view [...]

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The Beast From The East

The Beast From the East Did the Beast from the East affected you? You may well soon find out. Who put spring on hold, I hear you say? Yes, it was cold and still raining here today, just for good measure. Also, the Beast from the East, followed up with his pal mini Beast. So, were we all to busy keeping warm to notice the effect? Also, its now April and the motorhome season maybe a little delayed! This [...]

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Battle of the Brands

Well, is the battle of the brands is well and truly on? They have even lined up the team sheets to do battle; Hymer. Trigano. Carthago UK Brands We believe the motorhome market share cup is up for grabs! Battle of the Brands The market in new sales maybe getting messy. However, there remains a shortage of used motorhomes. Especially, 1, to 5, years old. Most main motorhome dealers have been advertising for stock. Also, we know that prices [...]

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Motorhome Franchise

Motorhome Franchise OK, what sort of motorhome franchise would you buy a motorhome or campervan from? We were asked what we thought about, 1, a bespoke motorhome dealer and 2, a multi franchised motorhome dealer? We have found that nearly all motorhome dealers, are helpful. In fact, we think there is a reason for that. Because, we believe that selling a motorhome of campervan, is a very special purchase. Motorhome Brokerage So, for example, if you are buying [...]

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Motorhomes UK

Here at motorhomes campervans, we take a look at motorhomes UK with great interest. Let's face it things are always changing. We need to keep ahead of the game, so to speak. We find that by looking at as much information on motorhomes and campervans sales, is most helpful. Cheap New Motorhomes For Sale We also like to see information about cheap new motorhomes for sale. As well as motorhome holidays and motorhomes for hire. All these are key [...]

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Defining Motorhome Reviews

Whilst reviewing, some well know magazine reviews, thinking what would be the deciding factor defining motorhome reviews. Just focusing on the details of all sorts of motorhomes and campervans recently. Yes, they were very informative and had some very nice pictures and surprise, surprise they all had reviews of 5 to 5.5 stars. How can they all be rated virtually the same? Could it be that they all seam to have large page adverts in the same magazines. Motorhome [...]

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Motorhome Pollution

Are we guilty of motorhome pollution and therefore polluting the cities and countryside? CAZ ( clean air zones), are going to be eventually rolled out across major conurbations in the UK. This is all part of the cleaner air campaign, following on from the LEZ (low emission zone) campaigns. All must be recognised as a way forward to stop pollution. Hopefully, eventually in its tracks. Top Causes Of Pollution It would appear to be Diesel engines are high on [...]

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