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Motorhome Shows may come in many different formats. From your large arena indoor show that is widely attended by the motorhome manufacturers and motorhome dealers. This is more of an exhibition for selling new motorhomes and introducing new motorhome models. These type of events usually follow a similar pattern of February and October.

This is usually considered to be the start and end of the motorhome season. However, with the coming of winterised motorhomes, there are motorhome shows somewhere every month! Outdoor motorhome shows take on a slightly different angle. They are for the more adventurous types, who like to spend a few days at a motorhome show.

So, outdoor motorhome shows have evening entertainment and provide stayovers. These motorhome shows lend themselves to selling used motorhomes more than brand new ones. All are well attended by motorhome accessories and extras sellers who sell from stores. All sorts of things that are leisure related are displayed and sold at the motorhome shows.

NEC Motorhome Show

NEC Motorhome Show The NEC motorhome show holds two motorhome shows indoors. Accordingly at the NEC exhibition centre in Birmingham in the UK. In fact, the NEC motorhome shows are the UK motorhome and caravan industry's main events. So, another season looms for the caravan camping and motorhome show 2016. Hence, the NEC show dates are in February and October of each year. So, with many of the stands from the motorhome manufacturers. The NEC motorhome show tends to attract visitors from near [...]

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