Motorhome stopovers looking for a perfect stopover to take a break with basic requirements, for example, a hookup a solid bit of ground clean showers and toilets the cost really makes a good motorhome stopover a fair price a smiling host greeting everyone making it very motorhome friendly this also depends on the other basics is there a fresh water fill-up is it free? How about a proper place to empty the waste tanks? Some stopovers are a bit makeshift in a farmers field or by a lakeside outside in the pub carpark dining in the pub being the payment for the night stayover. How about wild camping with no electrics hopefully, reflecting in the price many are looking for the basics as they are passing by and want a one night stay. Low-cost campsite fees will win the day the basic may include a place to eat taking a well-earned drink at a local bar allowing the children outdoors to let off steam break the journey often the best motorhome stopovers are not the best locations however they have all the basics at great prices.