Motorhome tours are about hidden stayovers the tour guide having someone who has been there before being excellent like having the ferries booked in advance the details of the tour make motorhome tour life easy knowing the way has been tried and tested should never be underestimated. Also, this makes really good guides stand out making tours enjoyable finding places to stay all booked and ready this provides the tour with plenty of free time. Having time to enjoy driving knowing the route has been well researched and no need in dashing for ferries or too many motorway tolls to pay. Eating out in known restaurants a good tour guide is a great way for first-time motorhome owners to learn how things work. Peace of mind comes with learning from the experience having been there and got the t-shirt really is a confidence-building exercise. Motorhome tours are down to the people on the tour places visited the stayovers food having a great motorhome tour experience a good guide makes a huge difference.

CAMPTOO Leisure Vehicle Hire

CAMPTOO Leisure Vehicle Hire Motorhome rental with a difference. For any family wanting a holiday or two people wanting to getaway. What better form of transport than the surroundings of a motorhome? Renting from owners with full insurance cover provides everyone with peace of mind. The air bnb on wheels is catching on. Current events in the UK have made a motorhome holiday a bit special. Go where you like, stay safe in a leisure [...]

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