Selling Motorhomes, is it that easy that anyone can do it? Well we believe that when it comes down to being a top motorhome sales person Then you will need a photographic memory! Why you may well ask, selling motorhomes is all about product knowlage. Also, how things work and how to mend things when they go wrong!

How high is it? How wide is it? What is the payload? All questions to be answered when selling a motorhome. Also, knowing who to buy one from and who you can trust. This is also about knowing the right information for the customer to feel reassured that they are dealing with an expert!

Other things, do come into selling motorhomes. Firstly any motorhome has to be immaculate in presentation and not smelling of cooking and pets! Having a full service and habitation history, is going to help. Finally the price! It is no good thinking that this is going to be easy. Descriptions of extras are vitle and showing that the motorhome is value for money, is just as important as knowing how it all works!