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VW campervans, have that excellent reputation of being an iconic camper. The fame lives on. The old split screen models, are now very collectable. Also, the legend lives on in the new VW T6 and second hand T5 camper conversions. All things being equal, this goes to show the continuing bespoke enthusiasm. Also, to show that the iconic campervan, will go on. Record prices are being paid, for the T2 Micro busses and campervans. There is such a love of these VW campervans. They just seem to get better and better. It is a real shame that the production in Brazil is over. However, as the saying goes, all good things and everything has to come to an end. However, we think the collectors will maintain their love for VW campers. for some time to come. Maybe, it is just that they offer a dream to drop out and enjoy life. Then park up on that beach and enjoy the activity of the sea. VW campervan, is a good place to start. Also, you are buying an iconic dream as well as the iconic in looks. Also, even the new T6 conversions, stand out. Hence, with gleaming new metallic finishes and stylish lines with pop up tops or fixed roofs.


Wessex Vans VW History

Wessex Vans VW History Now, when you look at the Wessex Vans set up, there is an air of history. So, much so, that they decided to do some research. That research was on the 70 year history of the VW van! From an interesting start, to an up-to-date view. Having a passion for kite-surfing, being, avid mountain bikers, that outdoor way of life was calling. Also, being close to the water at the Purbecks, [...]

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Autosleeper Topaz

The popular Autosleeper Topaz was manufactured in Willersey, near Broadway, in the Cotswold's, in the UK. Building quality Volkswagen campervans. So, the Autosleeper Topaz is roomy and has a good specification. dual purpose vehicle with plenty of options. iconic brand VW. high roof campervan Autosleeper Topaz Reviews Autosleeper Topaz Thus it is ideal for those short or long term breaks as well as everyday use. Many people use the Topaz as a second vehicle. In fact, they are fine to [...]

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