The Beast From the East

Did the Beast from the East affected you? You may well soon find out. Who put spring on hold, I hear you say? Yes, it was cold and still raining here today, just for good measure. Also, the Beast from the East, followed up with his pal mini Beast. So, were we all to busy keeping warm to notice the effect? Also, its now April and the motorhome season maybe a little delayed!

This all has had implications of the supply of motorhomes. How has that worked out, you may well ask? The timing of March the 1st is a key date for new motorhomes, to arrive for delivery (due to the new number plate). Therefore, the Beast of the East timed his visit for delivery as well! In time for kick off of the season and therefore to be slightly postponed!

Also, knock on effects, with some workers not getting to work. Also, things like delayed deliveries, of parts and of new motorhomes to dealers. Even petrol stations running out of LPG gas! Something, as at today’s date, has not been fully resolved!

The Beast From the East Responsible for?

Have you been affected by the Beast of the East? Did you have have to rearrange your start to the season? Are you still feeling the Beasts bite? Did any of these things happen to you?

  1. Orders being delayed.
  2. Delivery dates postponed.
  3. Having to go in the current motorhome on holiday.
  4. Urgent habitation and service on old motorhomes.
  5. MOTs and road tax running out.
  6. New order dates now a few months away.
  7. Cancelled holiday, ferry crossing dates.
  8. No Gas at stations.
  9. Motorhome shows cancelled.
  10. Part exchanges delayed coming in.

You Could Be Driving Away Very Soon

Yes just look out for our dealers for a “Beast Buster” of a deal!

Good News and Bad News.

First the bad news, the motorhome manufacturers may, have had real supply just in time situations, being delayed. Without parts and things for assembling the motorhome delays do and did happen. There was a knock-on effect, it may mean about a four-week window of disruption. That may well turn into to further disruption on actual supply of a new motorhome.

Many motorhome manufacturers were affected. But this is not the end of the world or is it? You may have booked to go away in your new motorhome. Ferry tickets and missing the boat so to speak. Or things have added to the Beasts visit, having to use your existing motorhomes, urgent MOT and services having to be done.

The Good News

Well it is not the end of the world is it? No, but it has been a very frustrating start to the season. As a way to find the motorhome now we have a daily update from some of our dealers. That tells us of new motorhomes available to buy and when. Those motorhomes available for immediate delivery, to help get you off on your holiday, ASAP and not miss the season.

We May Be Able To Help

Well there has been those dealers who ordered stock early. They have them arriving for immediate delivery, but with some delay! Therefore, if you were looking to buy a new motorhome right now! You need to know where they are, this is a supply and demand issue, noting more or nothing less!

  • To find that dealer with stock.
  • That means the race is on, we will list here.
  • What are you looking for?

Sell Me One Today

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Yes, we are Beast Busters.

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Who you going to call “Beast Busters) yes, beat that Beast from the East with a deal today!