Take a leisure vehicle journey with an invitation to join Tomasz from motorhomes campervans 

Welcome to the Motorhomes Campervans Scottish motorhomes pages

Hello, Tomasz here’ welcome to motorhomes campervans Scottish website pages.

We aim to help anyone looking for leisure vehicles and products. I was born and educated in Poland, where tourism and motorhome holidays are popular. We came to live in the UK in 2006 as part of the Freedom of Movement European Union initiative. The latest leisure-related news has seen developments such as the electric motorhome many think this is not that far away.

However, motorhomes campervans invited me to join them they are a very hands-on team. My motorhome campervan’s leisure vehicle journey has just begun. We invite any leisure-related businesses especially those based in Scotland and the North of England to join me and see if we can help you, especially those looking to buy and sell motorhomes and campervans and promote leisure-related products. The motorhomes campervans website offers many opportunities for leisure promotions and we invite you to join us.

Meeting leisure-related Scottish busineses

My background is that we choose to look at Scotland and settled in Edinburgh. My first work experience was working for a money shop in Glasgow a front-end experience dealing face to face with customers. We have held management positions mainly in hospitality in Edinburgh and have met a lot of people. Edinburgh continues to be a thriving city and a magnet for tourists. To that end, we have become very attached to helping anyone looking for leisure-related products. Scotland and Edinburgh are ideal places to start and finish any motorhome holiday with excellent train and airport stop-offs to get started. We hope we can be of help and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime.

Explore Scotland with motorhomes campervans

We have a good knowledge of Scotland, and its culture, and our liaison with the Scottish people has proved invaluable. We have met many people in the positions held, which has provided the backdrop to being interested in working in the travel and automotive supply sector. Scotland thrives on tourism and we have seen the rise in motorhome rentals from companies like “just go” and “Goboony” now being seen in Edinburgh and beyond. Motorhome holidays are growing back in Poland where demand and rentals are becoming attractive to those who want to live the dream and explore the great outdoors.

The story unfolds sell your motorhome or campervan

Providing leisure vehicle owners who will buy and sell at some stage with free advice and a full disposal service thus providing customer satisfaction to a higher level as possible. Come and join me as we set out to help the “we buy any motorcaravan” team and take part in my journey here on motorhomes campervans.net . Do you have a motorhome or campervan to sell? Just email me with how we can help you and I will give you a call-back.

Tomasz Sek contact me to sell a motorhome or campervan

All you have to do to contact me is fill in the form and I will get back to you. We have busy periods so please feel free to contact our call center which will be operational shortly.

  • Email us to contact Tomasz on scotland@motorhomescampervans.net
  • Leave a message on 01476 870133 at the Grantham office
  • Speak direct to sell a motorhome or campervan “We buy any motorcaravan” 01283 240237
  • Customer and Motorhome warranty support from Engineer Aftercare

Kind regards Tomasz