Top 5 Motorhome Upgrades

What are the top 5 motorhome upgrades? I don’t know about you, but all those RV renovation boards on Pinterest have me wanting to update our current motorhome. There is no limit to the upgrade options for the do it yourself RV lover, and it’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole of projects and accessories. You might think that it takes quite a bit of work to modernize the interior of your home on wheels, but sometimes the biggest impacts are actually the little things. I wanted to share some of the simple – and easy – upgrades we have done to our RV that has really taken it to the next level.

Lose the valences. If you want to take 10 years off the look of your motorhome, look no further than those fabric covered blind covers hanging over the windows. Yes, you would be surprised at how much more open your living spaces will feel once these things taken off the walls. Most styles of valences I’ve seen have also had some sort of curved edge, and by removing that you help streamline the overall look of the interior. Replace these with a decorative curtain rod to make your space feel like new.

Top 5 Motorhome Upgrades Paintwork

Paint; Now I love the look of wood, but, the RV designers of yesteryear really took it a bit too far. There is so much wood grain and beige wallpaper in RV interiors that it seems you might drown in brown. Another easy upgrade is to paint the walls and cabinets. Choose a color pallet and grab a foam roller because a fresh coat of paint will breathe new life into any style of motorhome. There is no doubt that any Top 5 motorhome upgrades, may well include a change of color.

Top 5 Motorhome Upgrades Lighting

Light fixtures; It might be a little more difficult to change out the light fixtures, but it is worth it! Lose the little white dome lights for something more modern. While you are doing this, consider using LED lights as they use less power and help extend battery life. Good lighting is going to make a real difference. Of all the top 5 motorhome upgrades this one is essential. Upgrading, to LED will enhance the motorhome, at the flick of a switch!

Top 5 Motorhome Upgrades Kitchen

Kitchen backsplash; I know you love wiping up the splattered pasta sauce and grease off the wallpaper surrounding your kitchen stove, but it would be much nicer to be cleaning an elegant tile backsplash. There are several styles of peel and stick tile at your local home improvement store to help spruce up the heart of your motorhome, making it better looking and more functional. Most of the Top 5 motorhome upgrades have to include the important part of the outdoor adventure, eating! Having, a more modern looking kitchen is going to be an outstanding feature.

Top 5 Motorhome Upgrades Shower Head Washroom

Shower-head; Now, I have saved the best simple upgrade for last. There is nothing more relaxing than wrapping up your hike to the most beautiful overlook in the area like taking a shower in a dribble of warm water. The gas water heaters in motorhomes are great at providing nice hot water, but overall water pressure in the shower is usually pretty awful. Do yourself a favor and change out the factory provided showerhead with a newer option so you can actually enjoy a shower in your RV.

Top 5 Motorhome Upgrades Conclusion

So, there are five super simple things, just about anyone can do to upgrade their RV pretty quickly, and usually for a small price. What are some of the things you are thinking of doing to upgrade your motorhome? If you are in doubt as to the value that will have then take a break. Go and rent a later better equipped motorhome, Therefore, to see what your top 5 motorhome upgrades will provide you with. Now, if you are stuck on where to go then just look online and take the rental you like best.

Top 5.5 Motorhome Upgrades Conclusion Reviews

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Top 5 Motorhome Upgrades Renting 

Well, you may be in the first stages of buying a motorhome. How about renting one first? There are many places to go and rent out a motorhome. There is the vast USA, Australia, New Zealand and dear old Blighty. Not to mention Ireland, Scotland and Wales. There is another vast place to enjoy a motorhome holiday, Europe!

Top 5 Motorhome Upgrades Buying

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Top 5 Motorhome Upgrades