TrailLite New Zealand UK Collection McLouis Fusion Motorhomes

Right, interesting stuff about, TrailLite New Zealand UK collection McLouis Fusion motorhomes. Yes, for all those New Zealand Kiwis, who like an adventure! You, may have seen the recent announcement, from Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. They have appointed the McLouis Fusion franchise for TrailLite in New Zealand. TrailLite, already have the Auto-Sleeper franchise and other Trigano Group brands for sale. So, now for the interesting bit! Customers from New Zealand are able to buy a McLouis Fusion and collect it from the UK!

Now, you might think, that is a bit of a long way to travel, to have a handover. But, this is just a great way for New Zealanders, to buy a McLouis Fusion. Then take the motorhome holiday of a lifetime. Yes, in their own brand new McLouis Fusion. Now how cool is that? Do you want to know more? Well, read on. Many people dream of travelling to Europe. Then travelling in a motorhome. Europe and the UK, become a real possibility with this mode of travel. Even, popping over to Ireland, while they are at it! Being, thousands of miles away, kind of makes that a little different! Not any more! TrailLite, do all the things that customers in New Zealand dreams of. Travelling in their own, brand new McLouis Fusion motorhome.

TrailLite New Zealand UK Collection McLouis Fusion Motorhomes Brand New

OK. then let us imagine you are in New Zealand. You have been thinking about a motorhome holiday. Promising to go and be happy living the dream of spending the summer, in the UK. Then travelling, on into Europe. Wow, are you dreaming of actually travelling, in your own motorhome? Now, wake up, because your dreams will come true. It is simple, you buy a McLouis Fusion motorhome, backed and supported by TrailLite. They have UK partners, all plugged in to help you in the UK.. You simply, place an order to buy from TrailLite. They arrange for you to pick up the new McLouis Fusion, in the UK. So, here we are thinking about, buying an Italian motorhome in the UK! To take back home to New Zealand! No doubt, that will be a shed load of documentation. However, think of the savings to be made. Especially, if you were going to rent one. All those hire fees just go down the drain. This great service, is all about helping you, to plan, buying a motorhome and saving renting one! That means you buy your dream McLouis Fusion motorhome, getting to see Europe and beyond. TrailLite are specialists in providing motorhomes in New Zealand. They have vast experience. This is an extension to the TrailLite services.

  1. order a McLouis Fusion in New Zealand
  2. contributions helping to book flights with TrailLite support
  3. collecting your McLouis Fusion booked for collection in the UK
  4. registration completed and insurance arranged
  5. you will be met and greeted with a friendly welcome
  6. receive a professional hand over at 1 of the 12 collection points
  7. then off you go and travel to your heart’s desire
  8. drop off at 12 locations in the UK
  9. arrangements are made to ship your McLouis Fusion back to New Zealand
  10. full compliance and registration completed in NZ

TrailLite New Zealand UK Collection McLouis Fusion Motorhomes Summer Travel

Here is what TrailLite set out to do, just to make life easy. It is simple, you enjoy summer, when it is winter in New Zealand. There is no charge for this! The weather that is! Buying an Italian motorhomes, is going to really surprise you. Yes, with the specification options, providing most things. Once you have done the deal, then off you go and land in the UK. With all the flight bookings and hassle done. So, now you collect your McLouis Fusion, from a dedicated handover location. Select your motorhome holiday, in your brand new motorhome. No, worries about others, who may have been using the motorhome. This is brand spanking new! So, off you go. Visit the UK and Scotland, sea sides, spectacular coasts. See, the big cities and stay at known campsites. Now, for even more adventure, Europe in your motorhome, awaits you. All you have to focus on, is packing your summer clothes. It may be a good idea, to take a language dictionary. Now, just jot down, that well thought out Europe/UK bucket list. That is all you have to do! TrailLite will take care of the rest.

TrailLite New Zealand UK Collection McLouis Fusion Motorhomes Home Again

Now, you will be having such fun,  you won’t want to go home! However, when you are ready to leave, all you have to  simply drop your new McLouis Fusion motorhome off. There are 12 drop off points in the UK to consider. After that is done, then TrailLite will arrange to ship your McLouis Fusion back home to New Zealand. Now, you really get the picture, you have just spent the motorhome holiday of a lifetime. Now, you will meet up with that McLouis fellow, at home and go on enjoy motorhoming in New Zealand. You don’t have to worry about anything, on arrival in New Zealand TrailLite will convert everything to New Zealand specification. This is including, completing the New Zealand self-containment, gas and electrical certification. Making sure that your McLouis Fusion, is in tip top condition and fully ready to use in New Zealand.

TrailLite New Zealand UK Collection McLouis Fusion Motorhomes Buying

McLouis Fusion provides, an exclusive range of five fixed bed motorhomes. They are all 4 berths. They have the end garage so, plenty of storage space. With a minimum of four travelling seats and some with five. The Italian style and layouts, are exceptional. All are sold by an exclusive arrangement between Auto-Sleeper motorhomes and McLouis motorhomes in the UK and New Zealand.

TrailLite New Zealand UK Collection McLouis Fusion Motorhome

TrailLite New Zealand UK Collection McLouis Fusion Motorhomes Renting

TrailLite, have been selling and renting leisure vehicles, for a very long time. They have already established, a great rapport, with Auto-Sleeper selling them in the both, the North and South islands. Leisure being a real growing factor for the New Zealand economy and tourist trade. Not, just a matter of providing a buying service for New Zealand people. But, an introduction to Europe and the UK.

TrailLite New Zealand UK Collection McLouis Fusion Motorhome