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The Trigano Group motorhomes group is a French group selling and manufacturing motorhomes in Europe the UK via motorhome dealers promoting new motorhome sales the news on the Trigano Group see the corporate information website the Trigano Group; there is a vast amount of information on the Trigano Group wiki Trigano enterprise with many Trigano group companies selling brand new motorhomes campervans leisure products creating more motorhome owners who enjoy a range of affordable motorhomes campervans via marketing to target motorhome buyers. The Trigano group page interacts with Trigano motorhome and camper owners discussing Trigano leisure vehicle brands exchanging ideas on many Trigano Group leisure topics. The Trigano story began way back in 1935 when the Trigano family began selling under the Trigano brand name because the people of France were able to take paid holidays for the first time, quite simply Trigano supplied them with holiday tents and camping equipment. Since then that French charismatic style of management has developed into an unstoppable force selling thousands of leisure vehicles.

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The Trigano group continues growing to offer customers many good leisure products improving by acquisitions of well-known leisure brand names owning many well-known brand names of leading motor manufacturers provides a choice for customers to enjoy. Trigano provides leisure products for many occasions from outdoor camping to motorhomes holidays outstanding construction developments providing innovative leisure products this has kept Trigano in the news a sense of elation for customers who are happy in Trigano leisure vehicles with discussions emphasising key points. Exciting motorhomes built-in Trigano state of the art factories in France, Italy, Spain, UK and Slovenia providing a selection of motorhomes caravans leisure products for the European market key to success offering value for money products that customers love.

Trigano Group History

Raymond Trigano and his sons formed the Trigano company selling camping equipment and sports goods this lead to establishing a caravan business starting in 1971. As with many fast-growing companies, Trigano ran into financial difficulties. The French bank Crédit Lyonnais took control of the Trigano group in 1974. Therefore, leading to the company becoming a private enterprise in1987 some key points about Trigano. They have many leading brand names and representation throughout Europe and the UK. The Trigano Group has over 3,800 employees and is represented in 8 countries by a large dealer network. Now in the UK with brands McLouis Fusion, Benimar, Chausson, Adria, Randger and Mobilvetta.