Auto-Sleeper 2018 Peugeot Prices

Auto-Sleeper 2018 prices for the season here is a breakdown of the prices and the optional costs of premium packs that consist of a premium, winter and media pack plus an on the road price. So, most dealer display models usually have the three main packs fitted. Whilst this is an extra costs it really does enhance the specification and that counts when you come to sell your motorhome. Many dealers display models at ex works prices that include the VAT. Other dealers display the just the ex works prices so it may be confusing. For clarification you also need to take into consideration the premium pack costs. We on our pages will break down the Peugeot prices so you can see the three Auto-Sleeper prices by model. Follow the pages to see the different prices ex works VAT and drive away prices with premium, winter and media packs.

  1. Peugeot Van Conversions
  2. Peugeot Coachbuilts
  3. Peugeot Coachbuilts on AL KO Chassis
  4. Details of the Premium packs and options available