Auto-Sleeper Fiat Comfort Matic

For both Van Conversions and Coachbuilt Peugeot motorhomes, the Auto-Sleeper Fiat comfort matic transmission is available as an optional extra. The Fiat alternative is on the Fiat Ducato cab / chassis. Being very innovative the Fiat Comfort-Matic option is a 6-speed and is referred to as a robotised gearbox. In fact, for 2018 Auto-Sleepers the option is available with the reliable 130 or the 150 Fiat Ducato multiJet engines. Fiat Ducato Comfortmatic Gearbox. Therefor, providing a proven gearbox that ensures an easy, fuel-efficient driving experience. Also, with all new Fiat technology it respects its environmental position and commitment to helping lower emissions. Apparently, comfort matic sales are rising as more people see the advantage of using one.

Auto-Sleeper Fiat Comfort Matic. So, what are the costs to have the Auto-Sleeper Fiat comfort matic option? The 130 option is available at £2,000 including vat. In addition, the 150 power option comes in at £4,000 including vat. Hence, the comfort matic uses the robotic operated principal. Therefore, offering both strength and the precision of a manual gearbox, with the ease of an automatic option. Many drivers of comfort matics say that this is making driving very easy. Especially in urban traffic.

Auto-Sleeper Fiat Comfort Matic Fiat

Also, the Auto-Sleeper Fiat comfort matic has a number of special features specifically for motorhomes. The Fiat Ducato has the tried and tested feel. Having been used on many different manufacturers motorhomes. Comfort-matic transmission is easy to use. In fact, all that is left to do is enjoy the driving experience. The innovative transmission has real advantages in its simplicity, combined with fuel efficiency and performance. In addition, providing options for Auto-Sleeper customers who like an automatic transmission. In fact, this type of gearbox meets the demands in the specific features of an automatic transmission. Without doubt, the comfort-matic gearbox provides an ideal solution on both long or short journeys. In addition, matching the the practical urban city delivery vans, that are at home with city use.

Auto-Sleeper Fiat Comfort Matic Options

In fact, Fiat began customising the gearbox for recreational vehicles and extensive research was done. Both, testing of the configurations of different road and driving conditions. Fiat also took into consideration the weights in typical motorhome, responding to the mobility needs of motorhome owners. Therefore, that testing has lead to an easy to use transmission.

Auto-Sleeper Fiat Comfort Matic How does it all Work?

So, selecting the UP button on the Comfort-Matic gearbox panel it automatically optimises the gear shift points. Therefore, ensuring the most appropriate engine rpm are made for the different driving conditions. Technically, the gearbox is known as an MTA (Manual Transmission Automated). Therefore, travelling in a comfort matic is easy, with its six speeds plus reverse selections.

Auto-Sleeper Fiat Comfort Matic Peugeot

Fiat Ducato Automatic For Sale. Working in fully automatic mode with sequential use in manual mode. In fact, you will find Fiat Ducato Automatic for sale throughout Europe. Thus, the driver chooses the ratio to engage by means of the ‘joystick’ (gear lever). This is neatly positioned on the dashboard. So, this Fiat transmission is proving to be a very popular option. In most European cities, slow moving traffic has become a real pain to keep changing gears. Alas no more stalling and starting, the way it handles in urban traffic is ideal for anyone to drive. In fact, the demand in using this transmission is making this a popular choice with Auto-Sleeper owners.

An Option For Disabled People.

In fact, this transmission lends itself to disabled drivers. So,see our motorhomes motability page for more about wheelchair users. In addition, why not take one out for a spin and see for yourself how good this is? You may have to book a test drive in advance with an Auto-Sleeper dealer. However, we believe that when you have used this technology, you will be saying goodbye to manual clutch operated transmissions.

A document guide to how it works.

Auto-Sleeper Fiat Comfort Matic
Auto-Sleeper Fiat Comfort Matic