Auto-Sleeper Hal Locate.

In fact, there are many good tracking systems like the Auto Sleeper HAL locate for customers to fit to a motorhomes. However, Auto Sleeper have chosen the HAL Locate tracking system as their proffered partner. So, when it comes down to choosing a tracking system, both the features and ease of use are important. Thus, the HAL locate system has an advance antenna technology and a state of the art, super sensitive GPS receiver.

In addition, Hal locate believe that this is one of the most effective vehicle location systems available. Also, the actual equipment is very easy to use and may be set up via your mobile phone. So, the location of your motorhome and the charge state of your leisure battery are available at any time, again via your mobile phone.

Auto-Sleeper HAL Locate.

Also, the HAL locate will warn you if your motorhome is being broken into or in the event it is about to be stolen. Therefore, tracking where your motorhome actually is and the direct information goes to any mobile phone in an instant. One of the best features is that if you had forgotten to arm your Hal locate tracker. Because, there is no need to get to concern yourself, as HAL-Locate will auto arm if it is stationary for 2 hours or more.

Auto-Sleeper Hal Locate
Auto-Sleeper Hal Locate

This is another great feature of the Hal locate in action across Europe. In fact, the HAL locate tracking system is partner with a the Police European response centre. So, if your motorhome is stolen the HAL locate sends a messages to the control centre. Therefore, they are able to then monitor the location of your motorhome. In addition, then they are able to liaise with local police services. Thus, to locate and recover your motorhome.

International Coverage.

The good news just goes on as the Auto-Sleeper HAL locate tracker has support in over 40 countries including the whole of Europe. In fact, this is operating using via a control centre. Therefore, the level of police response is the same whether you are in the UK or abroad.

Battery Consumption.

So, does the system drain my leisure battery? In fact, the HAL locate operates from your leisure battery. However, it uses very little power. In fact, according to HAL locate It will operate for over 6 months on a typical 85 Ah fully charge battery. Because, your leisure battery may become discharged or disconnected, HAL-Locate will switch to its rechargeable backup battery. In addition, if that happens it will even send a text message to a mobile phone so the state of your battery at any point is available via a mobile phone.

Reducing Motorhome Insurance premiums.

In addition, the HAL locate is one of the few trackers to have the Thatcham Cat 6 approval this can result in a reduction on your motorhome insurance premium.

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