TrailLite New Zealand

From starting out as cabinet makers, those abilities, were the perfect foundation for creating quality caravan interiors. So, back in the fifties, saw the first TrailLite caravan, roll off the production line. As they say the rest is history. The design was an instant hit. The TrailLite name became synonymous with “New Zealand made luxury caravans”. With the addition of Auto-Sleeper, adding to the proposition, today we see TrailLite in a continuing development of the Auto-Sleeper brand in New Zealand. This is now being joined, with the addition of the McLouis Fusion motorhomes from Auto-Sleeper motorhomes.

Well, it may be a long way away, however, Auto-Sleeper New Zealand has been established for some time. In fact, this fantastic county is a paradise for motorhome travel. Also, with its two islands, you can see an amazing climate and changing all in one day. Auto-Sleeper are represented in New Zealand by a long established family dealership called TrailLite. They have a vast experience of motorhomes both, selling and rental.

TrailLite New Zealand Auto-Sleeper McLouis Fusion

Auto-Sleeper is a niche product for New Zealand. In fact, TrailLite believe that Auto-Sleeper motorhomes are the number one niche product. Hence, the key Auto-Sleeper range, is an import by TrailLite. In addition, they took time and researched carefully, through European/UK brand. They say that they found Auto-Sleeper suited their company values. This would become a motorhome, that they could be proud to sell.  Also, after extensive searching, they became an exclusive New Zealand dealer, for the Auto-Sleeper range. This has led on to the introduction, of the McLouis Fusion range from Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. Motorhome services available;

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TrailLite New Zealand McLouis Fusion

Being appointed to bring McLouis Fusion into the UK, Auto-Sleeper realised that New Zealand, would work well. With the fixed bed models and garage space. Thus, making New Zealand the perfect choice for the McLouis Fusion brand. So, with Auto-Sleepers already downunder in New Zealand, as they say the rest was history. Sales and orders continue.

TrailLite New Zealand

TrailLite New Zealand Auto-Sleeper

TrailLite New Zealand and Auto-Sleeper motorhomes have developed a good set up over many years. The motorhome craze continues in New Zealand and what better partner than Auto-Sleeper. Being one of the oldest motorhome dealers in the UK. The model range fits the New Zealand market and is an ideal rental leisure vehicle, as well.

TrailLite New Zealand

TrailLite New Zealand Mercedes Fiat

Auto-Sleeper has partners like Mercedes and Fiat Ducato. Behind the reliable machinery and engineering of Auto-Sleeper, lies the Mercedes Benz and Fiat Ducato technology. Thus, they are fully equipped for the New Zealand market. In fact, they have alloy wheels, a fully automatic gearbox, turbo diesel engine and cruise control. Therefore, that makes them idea for anyone wanting an up market specification motorhome.

TrailLite New Zealand North Island

North Island

TrailLite Auckland:
77 Paerata Road,
New Zealand.
Freephone: 0800 872 455.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8am – 5pm-Saturday: 8.30am – 4.30pm.

TrailLite New Zealand South Island

South Island

TrailLite Christchurch:
247 Main South Road,
New Zealand.
Phone: 0800 872 455.
Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8.30am – 5pm – Saturday: 8:30am – 4pm.