Benimar Motorhome Group 

From humble beginnings, to a large and powerful buyer and seller of motorhomes in the UK. With the backing of the Trigano Group, this opens up Trigano Group products, some have become exclusively sold by Marquis Leisure. Benimar motorhomes, are a Spanish built motorhome with a huge European following. Now selling from Marquis Leisure UK branches and becoming very popular. There are four lines in the Benimar motorhome group range. Low Profile, Integral, Luton Van and Van. Truly an exciting range of motorhomes.

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Benimar Motorhome Group Marquis Leisure Branches

There is no doubt, that the Benimar motorhome group, enjoys the motorhome experience. With 4 types, 5 ranges and 28 models available in Europe. Because, being part of Trigano Group, Marquis Leisure sell many new and used new Benimar motorhomes in the UK. In addition, to provide a place for Benimar owners to discuss any Benimar topics. We find Benimar are real value for money motorhomes. Ideal, online for finding offers, services and helpful tips and information.

Benimar Motorhome Group Made In Spain

Yes, Benimar motorhomes are made in Spain. The factory can be found at Peniscola, Castellón, Spain. As with most things relating to Spain, we think of sunshine and sangria! However, when you take a look at a Benimar motorhome, it will certainly brighten your day. They are really well put together and have exceptional fittings and fixtures.

Benimar Motorhome Group History

Benimar has been producing motorhomes for over 40 years. Recognised as a leader in the Spanish motorhome market. The first Benimar was produced in 1979 and serial production started in 1986. The knowhow, was integrated in the Trigano group. Based in the Peñiscola, under the Mediterranean sun. The Benimar factory has its facilities of 40.000 m2. Thus, the factory to produce 3.000 motorhomes per year.

Contact Benimar Motorhome Group

Benimar Motorhome Group

Benimar OCARSA, S.A.

CN 340 Km 1041
12598 Peñíscola


Telephone: +34 964 47 15 58

Marquis Leisure have currently 12 branches in the UK they remain the largest seller of Trigano Group brands. In 2017 they were brought out by the Trigano the French group as part of buying the then current owners Auto-Sleeper motorhomes.

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Benimar Motorhome Group Spain

So, many good things come out of Spain and Benimar Motorhome Group is just another great example. Benimar takes you to that sunshine and that vision of a motorhome holiday experience. That is just the start of what was called a beautiful friendship.  That is all about getting to know these excellent motorhomes that are just great for family use. Long established and producing exceptional motorhomes, is what Benimar is all about!

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