Benivan Campervan

The Benivan Campervan arrives for sale in the UK and the timing is perfect. There has been a decline in new campervans for some time. The gap was plugged by the many different convertors. Maily converting used and bespoke new VW campervans. So. now we see the full weight of the mighty Benimar motorhomes group bringing the Benivan to the marketplace.

Now not everyone knows about Benimar motorhome group. Who are part of the Trigano Group. In fact, Benimar have been producing motorhomes for more than 40 years. So, here we have a lot of experience in designs and layouts of motorhomes. The growth in the name Benimar has now become one of the largest imported brands.

Benivan Campervan Made In Spain

So, to meet demand they have set out to build the Benivan van conversion. This fits well with Benimar distributing to a network of dealers from across Europe and right down into New Zealand. Benimar motorhomes are manufactured in the Mediterranean sun in Peñiscola. This is a perfect location and using high-tech machinery and innovative technologies. The site is no small place and sits on  a 40,000m2 site.

Benivan Campervan The Ranges

The Benivan range is perfect conception that meets a market in demand. Busy people need to find leisure time and versatility is something people have to find. The Benivan offers two affordable van conversion models. Both, with practical, multi-functional layouts. They are just perfect for those looking to hit the road running. Be it going to an event or concert or to just and outdoors.

Benivan Campervan Two Models

The first offering is the Benivan 120. This is the ideal campervan for two people looking for adventurers. Especially, those who appreciate the little luxuries in life. The Benivan 120 offers just that, luxury and practical, all rolled into one. The Benivan 122 takes a slightly different approach. With two sleeping places, however it seat belted seats caters for four. This combines everyday functionality as a second vehicle ideal! For a fast weekend get away or holiday for two, this provides luxury touring comfort.

Contact Benimar Campervans

Benimar OCARSA, S.A.

CN 340 Km 1041, 12598 Peñíscola, Castellón. SPAIN

Telephone: + 34 964 47 15 58

Benivan Campervan

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