Ci Motorhome Group

Ci motorhome group are a long established Italian motorhome manufacturers. Formally known as Caravans International. With dealers promote new and used Ci motorhomes. In addition, to provide a place for Ci owners to discuss any Ci topics. With a range of Camper and Vans all with great layouts there is something for everyone. With familia model names Horon, Magis, Riviera, Riviera Elite and Triaca. With the Kyros vans.

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Ci Motorhomes Group History

Caravans International or better know as Ci was originally a  British company. The business was founded in 1963. Sadly after many successful years developing and selling caravans. Including buying and selling Eccles and Bluebird caravan brands. Caravans International went into liquidation in 1982. Today, the brand having been brought by the Trigano Group. This has seen significant investment, that has revised the brand.

Ci Motorhomes Group 2019

With a very full range of camper and vans, Ci motorhome group are well positioned to offer value. With a wide range of dealers promoting the brand. The introduction of a new website and accompanying videos of the models. Customers can find information a number of different languages. Thus assisting in promoting the brand online.

Contact Ci Motorhomes Group

Ci Motorhome Group

Ci Motorhomes

Loc. Cusona – 53037

San Gimignano (SI)


Telephone; +39 0577-6501

Ci Motorhome Group Italian Designs

There is no doubt that Ci motorhome group, has all the right Italian designs to appeal to most customers. They have an excellent range, that uses all the layouts to great advantage. With really modern looking finishes, they continue to appeal.

Ci Motorhome Group CI Horon

Ci Motorhome Group CI Magis

Ci Motorhome Group CI Riviera ELITE

Ci Motorhome Group Kyros Elite 2