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Elnagh Motorhome Group is just all about classic Italian motorhomes designs. They have the standard Trigano Group offerings. The Low Profile with Over Cab and the A class. There are Elnagh dealers promoting new and used Elnagh motorhomes. But not in the UK at this moment in time. The models withing Europe are popular names. Baron, A Lpft. I Loft and T-Loft, as well as the Magnum range. In addition, to provide a place for Elnagh owners to discuss any Elnagh topics. Ideal, for finding offers on services and helpful tips and information.

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Elnagh Motorhome Group History

Having been in business for over 66 years, Elnagh has been creating, innovating motorhomes for some time. Elnagh is an Italian company one step ahead of the game. They continue to offering elegant and practical solutions. From a history making caravans, motor scooter and side cars, to making beautiful motorhomes. The storey goes on, as being part of Trigano Group. Elnagh motorhome group, are now part of an Italian surge in building motorhomes that customers are looking to buy.

Elnagh Motorhome Group 2019

Keeping up with model changes is always a challenge, now even more so. For example with so many great new ways to heat a motorhome, we move towards the perfect layout. Heated underfloor, air heating and using boilers that are ultra reliable. On the Elnagh motorhome group range we see the Truma boiler being used and the Alde heating system. With exceptional winter packs now available, on the range, you can have your motorhome for winter use. There are options of frost control, so, you do not freeze up and diesel heating on some models as well.

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Elnagh Motorhome Group



Via Val d’Aosta, 4 loc. Fosci IT – 53036 Poggibonsi (SI)


Elnagh Motorhome Group Driving Italian 2019

When you see how the brand of Elnagh motorhome group has evolved. You are able to understand, the effort, the passion, that has been put into developing the Italian 2019 range. With a continuation on a theme with some excellent features. The video below shows all of the Elnagh motorhome range and individual videos at the end of the page.

Elnagh Motorhome Group T Loft

Elnagh Motorhome Group Magnum 530

Elnagh Motorhome Group Magnum 531

Elnagh Motorhome Group History