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Font Vendôme motorhome group, is a van conversion specialists. With a vast array of van conversions. Either on a Renault or Fiat conversion. You cannot help but to be impressed. Font Vendôme dealers promote new and used Font Vendôme motorhomes. Also, providing a place for Font Vendôme owners to discuss all sorts of Font Vendôme topics. The panel vans used Font Vendôme stand out from the crowd. Because, you will find that they have an extensive of standard equipment.

There are to say the least some very innovative layouts. This virtually guarantees maximum comfort in this extremely compact mobile home / van conversion market. The use of thicker furniture panels, with scratch-free films provide a quality finish that is second to none. On sale in France, Belguim, Switzerland and other main European location. Being part of Trigano Group, places the Font Vendôme motorhome group at about one of the best selling van conversion brands,

Font Vendôme Motorhome Group History

This is a very special story of Font Vendôme motorhome group producing van conversions. The manufacturer located in Dordogne (France), is specialized exclusively in the fitted van conversion. For 40 years, the experience has led to tips and understanding for both customers and Font Vendôme motorhome group. This is a quality of manufacturer, that makes a finish product that just lasts. Font Vendôme have made the reputation of the brand and its models, well known.

They Font Vendôme range is ideal for both, couples and families. With many options from low to over-sized beds, from transverse beds to longitudinal beds. All are catered for and Font Vendôme, have large kitchen units. Most have the 150 L refrigerators to rational kitchen units, from washbasins to separate showers, the specifications do not disappoint. Being equipped, with a latest generation production tools, the qualified teams, continue to provide a service of quality.

Font Vendôme Motorhome Group Models

Font Vendôme motorhome group, has a wide range of van conversions and distinguished van model names. On the Renault side we have the Auto Camp, Auto Camp XL, Master Van XS with the Master Van Duo and the Master Van XS Dark Serie. Not to be outdone the Fiat conversions are just as impressive. With the popular Rando Van, Leader Van and Leader Van Duo. Other great conversion on the Fiat are Rando Camp, Bel Horizon, Leader Van, Duo Van, Mondea and the Terra Van.

Font Vendôme Motorhome Group 2019

With developing great products, The Font Vendôme motorhome group, provide the next generation van conversions, As they say they are on their way. With a very large distribution network of selected professionals, all awaiting new models and new innovations.

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Font Vendôme Motorhome Group

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