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Notin Motorhome Group can be seen helping their specialist Notin dealers. Thus, promoting new and used Notin motorhomes. In addition, to providing a place for Notin owners to discuss any Notin topics. Discover quickly the Notin motorhome group models. They have a very high reputation for making very high quality motorhomes. The ranges and models are well known to the customer base. Progress, I.Progress, Excel and Notin Liner are well known.

Notin Motorhome Group History

The Notin motorhome group may well be the oldest European manufacturer of recreational vehicles. Based right in the center of France and dating back to 1921. Today the Notin motorhome group are really high specialist in high-end motorhomes. The motorhomes are highly desirable and offers profiles and integrals based on the Fiat Ducato. Also, the Mercedes Sprinter truck-mounted motorhomes profiled and integral. In other formats of the range Integral Liner, one that can carry a car, the Iveco Daily is a Notliner new world motorhome.

The standards set by Notin motorhome group are all about motorhomes of excellence. They are all manufactured with real cabinetmaking, quality equipment, much are specific and patented system. This also covers windows and electric shutters and other parts used. The Notin ranges are represented in the French and Belgium. The brand club, the Tivaou Club Notin motorhome group, brings together over 1,300 members in 30 countries!

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Notin Motorhome Group


ZA The Wheel, 42360 Panissières. France.

Telephone: 04 77 27 08 08

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