Truma Motorhome Control Panels

Finding out about the Truma motorhome control panels and how they operate is well worth taking a look Truma has systems fitting into many leading motorhome brands mainly heating and air conditioning remotely controlled. Now it’s going to happen at some point that error code will show up what next “don’t panic” await corporal jones to appear? Or in many cases go online Google the fault or error code and be happy to see others have had the error there are many who have had the same experience.

How to do you tackle any Truma motorhome control panel issues? No doubt you have given it your best shot and want it sorting. However, the first port of call is your supplying motorhome dealer. Now they may be able to help you instantly. But it may be surprising to find that they don’t know an instant answer to the problem. Yes, they will have the motorhome manufacturer to rely on hower there is a much quicker solution. Look online for the control panel manufacturer many like Truma have excellent videos of “how things work” troubleshooting etc. This simple search now will help you that is for sure.

Truma Motorhome Control Panels Fault Finding

Resetting the software needs a full shutdown/restart that may require a mains switch off as well if the control panel stills show the original error message consider what steps have been taken so far especially if it is any form of a red warning light. Amber means a warning have a specialist to look ASAP any red warnings means urgent attention as it could be dangerous to continue never risk a red warning light a call or online search may provide an answer ;

  1. switch off the electrics
  2. reboot the control panel
  3. no success place the error code into Google
  4. example “error code ‘E621 H’��”
  5. see what results come up
  6. looking for a video from the manufacturer
  7. ring your supplying dealer explain the steps you have taken
  8. still, no joy contact the motorhome manufacturer
  9. get in touch with the control panel manufacturer
  10. take into a dealer and have a diagnostics check

Truma Motorhome Control Panels Retrofit

The Truma CP plus i Net ready is a digital control panel to control the Combi heaters Truma Aventa and Saphir air conditioning systems simple to use via remote control set the room and water temperatures. This provides many motorhome owners with easy control of the different temperature requirements that is what Truma air conditioner and Combi heaters are about. Using an automatic climate control function controls the temperature in the motorhome no matter what the outside temperature is. The digital control panel is used on other motorhomes/leisure brands compatible with all i Net-capable Truma appliances, therefore, this is available as a retrofit on used motorhomes and works with most of the Truma appliances again it is remote-controlled by using the app on a smartphone tablet or PC.

Truma Motorhome Control Panels Help

The Truma customer services offer helpline support as well as links to servicing questions on all aspects of the products in use. There is a very comprehensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) and full online support to find Truma dealers near you. With expert help to support you and your Truma motorhome products.