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The next upcoming CMS trade leisure vehicle auction is on the 27th of June 2022. Are you in the leisure vehicle trade and missing out on buying good motorhomes and campervans to sell? Then why not join the CMS trade auction which buys and sells from the trade to the trade. Top buyers “we buy any motorcaravan” buy all sorts of used motorhomes and campervans in the UK. They buy leisure vehicles direct from the owners nationwide. They carry out inspections in detail and take a video of the condition of each vehicle. Then share with members of the CMS auction. Members can browse, bid and buy from the auction online. Advance notice of the dates is usually two per month. Everything is done to accurately describe all the vehicle’s specifications and full details are provided where ever possible.

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Trade buyers browse bid and buy online monthly

Upcoming CMS trade leisure vehicle auction 27th June 2022. The shortage of used motorhomes and campervans is driving prices higher and that is making buying difficult for genuine motorhome and campervan dealers to buy quality vehicles. The CMS trade auction addresses those problems and if you are a trade buyer or seller then contact CMS trade auctions on 01283 240237 or 01283 688112. If you are a private buyer then you can see dealers who are using the CMS trade auction near you and make a genuine enquiry to get their help to find you a leisure vehicle of your choice. Browse bid and buy online with the CMS trade auction the easy way for the trade to buy motorhomes and campervans in the UK.

Buying from a dealer

Buying from a dealer provides many services like servicing and aftercare including dealers who provide bespoke services such as”motorhome warranty” and “motorhome insurance”. Also, this provides buyers with a dealer part exchange price and also allows private sellers to access the “we buy any motorcaravan” nationwide services. Free valuations and collections nationwide are all part of the services ideal for helping buyers and sellers.

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Trade auctions take place monthly with two dedicated sales from the CMS trade auction all with full information about the specifications and full information available on condition. Motorhome warranty and aftercare services are available from Engineer aftercare bespoke to CMS trade dealers.

  • 27th June 2022
  • 11th July 2022
  • 25th July 2022
  • 8th August 2022
  • 29th August 2022
  • 12th September 2022
  • 26th September 2022

We buy any motorcaravan

We buy any motorcaravan are one of the top buyers in the UK buying both motorhomes and campervans. contact them on 01283 240237 if you need a price or valuation.

CMS business trade auctions

CMS is the trade auction for trade buyers in the UK. If you have a need to buy used motorhomes and campervans then why not join the CMS trade-only auction which operates a trade-only online auction via BCA Auctions.

CMS trade auction direct online buyers November 2023

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Yes, we are on hand to help anyone to buy and sell a motorhome or campervan with Trust Pilot reviews as high as 5 stars this is a genuine service for anyone in the trade and retail customers wanting to sell to use.

Upcoming CMS trade leisure vehicle auction 27th June 2022