Upgrading Motorhomes

Upgrading Motorhomes. Quite a subject, upgrading motorhomes, as it may be that you just need a larger motorhome. So, another side of upgrading motorhomes is actually downgrading motorhomes! Yes, if you are genuinely looking to upgrade motorhomes or downgrade your actual motorhome quote a subject, upgrading motorhomes, as it may be that you just need a larger motorhome. So, another side of upgrading motorhomes is actually downgrading motorhomes! Yes, if you are genuinely looking to upgrade motorhomes or downgrade your actual motorhome. Then careful thought is required either way. There are a vast number of options to consider. Do you downgrade, away from a coach built motorhome? Maybe considering a van conversion, will help to maintain that coach built feel? Otherwise, the option could be to download to a campervan. Whatever you decide we will try and help you. Upgrading motorhomes or downgrading, the challenge is on!

The decision you are trying to make may have been on your agenda for a while. Fear is not just like downsizing or upsizing to a house, it’s not that easy. You probably have been really happy with your current motorhome. It may be a case of needs must, for many reasons. The current motorhome is going to need work or there are only two of you using a six berth. The family had moved on or quite the reverse, more patter of little feet on the stairs. That means one thing, a larger motorhome!

Upgrading Motorhomes Downsizing Motorhomes or Campervans

There are plenty of reasons, either way, to change your motorhome or campervan. Just think about what is the driving force, behind the decision. Sometimes, you get to the point of not knowing what to do for the best! So, grab that pen and let’s look at a list to help. So, first of all just really note the reasons you brought your existing motorhome. List the basics, this is to help in finding some key details of an upsize or downsize;

  1. length, height and width of the existing motorhome
  2. payloads and other key weights
  3. key things you have such as awning, bike rack, air conditioning, habitation air conditioning
  4. now just look at the layout has it done the job for you?
  5. the bed sizes are something to really think about especially downsizing
  6. how much are the same model being advertised at
  7. your records and history are they up to date?
  8. list the key still must-haves ie tow bar, solar panel
  9. finally, try and make the up or downsize list of models

Upgrading Motorhomes Downsizing Payloads Weights 

Now maybe, upgrading motorhomes, is about the option, that you had not considered. Just look at the weights and chassis on certain models. Often there are options to upgrade the chassis. Also, to downgrade the chassis. So, you could find the right combination, in the model, that you already have. Overweight motorhomes, are always that nightmare scenario. You should alway load up and go to a weigh bridge and see how you are adding up. Many owners, get carried away and do not understand the implications, of overloading a motorhome. They may become very unstable if overweight. So, when downgrading motorhomes, be aware of the payloads and weight implications. Compromise, may have to be part of the decision in upgrading motorhomes. As well as downsizing.

Upgrading Motorhomes Coachbuilt Van Conversions 

There really are some great van conversions, to consider, going either up or down! The van conversion provides the ideal stepping stone from a campervan or a coach built. You have that all-important, onboard bathroom for a start. Also, some great driving positions, as some van conversions are under 6 meters. Many are 2 berths. But, there are 4 berths, out there as well. If you are used to a little comfort and luxury, then van conversions do provide good lounge areas and beds of decent sizes. Now, going the other way, for a coachbuilt, is going to spoil you rotten! Full lounge and kitchen areas and even full washrooms. The options are endless.

Upgrading Motorhomes Driving Licence 

So, we know that motorhome manufacturers, recognise the needs for chassis options, either way. Sometimes, we need to make sure that we have the right driving licence. Once you get to ver 70 things get tighter and a medical may be needed. The basics are that to be able to drive a motorhome with a MAM of between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, you need a category C1 licence. To drive with a MAM of over 7.5 tonnes, you need a category C licence. Go onto the UK Gov website, here you can see, what vehicles you can drive. Also, the licence and age requirements for towing. Now, don’t write off driving certain motorhomes. Some manufacturers provide excellent options. Both, to downgrade and to drive on a standard UK licence, like the McLouis Fusion range in the UK.

Upgrading Motorhomes McLouis Fusion

If you take a look, at buying a McLouis Fusion. Here you will find some great options, to downgrade or upgrade a motorhome. The McLouis Fusion range has some very interesting benefits. All 5 models, maybe downgraded to 3500 kg. Therefore, this will allow the models to be driven on a standard licence. Now, that is a neat touch. That also ties into them all being based on a fixed bed conversion. 4 berths with some having 5 travelling seats with seat belts. With end garages with the room. So, this range of motorhomes may well cater either way. In upsizing and downsizing.

Upgrading Motorhomes Upsizing

There are some excellent options with a McLouis Fusion, to downgrade the chassis. Thus, providing a way to drive on a standard UK motorhome. With excellent layouts, all based around fixed beds. This McLouis Fusion range provides many options.

Upgrading Motorhomes

Upgrading Motorhomes Options Downsizing

There are some excellent options, with van conversions. From coachbuilt, to downgrade the chassis. Many manufacturers provide options for upgrading and downloading, the motorhomes chassis. With different payloads options to different layouts, providing many options.