Urbano Motorhomes Belgium 40 Years

To remain in business for 40 years is an achievement in itself. Urbano Motorhomes Belgium 40 years on, is proof that this is a very special motorhome dealership. Providing rental and sales from two locations in Belgium. No doubt they are deservedly celebrating 40 years, of exceptional customer service in both rentals and sales. Here is a toast to the next 40 years and good luck. More Dealer Information about Urbano Motorhomes Belgium is available in our Belgium dealer section.

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Motorhome dealers in Belgium

Welcome to an insight into Urbano Motorhomes Belgium 40 Years on and going strong. Urbano motorhomes Oostende branch is literally at the end of the runway of Oostende airport. A very easy place to find in these days of modern technology. Also, ideally located being about 70 miles from Rotterdam and not too far from Zeebrugge. With the other branch at Aarschot, leading to many main routes.

Urbano Oostende

This family business began in 1978! Apparently with just a few vans in front of a house. Today as in 1984 the Dendooven family began building Freedom’s motorhomes! A name that would evolve into ‘Roller Team’. Today they have a massive business with motorhomes of all sizes on display. Urbano motorhomes believes that service is the customer’s priority, with price being a consideration.

Ten brands for sale

Urbano motorhomes are selling from 10 popular new motorhome brands, 8 of which are exclusive to Urbano motorhomes. Many models are unlikely to come across in the UK. This is a little down to not knowing all the latest legislation. With such an array of top brands for sale, you may well be spoiled for choice. Many of the brands on display are exclusive brands only available at Urbano motorhomes Belgium. The brands are;

  1. Autostar (exclusive brand)
  2. Bavaria (exclusive brand)
  3. Carthago
  4. Challenger
  5. Eura Mobil (exclusive brand)
  6. Laika (exclusive brand)
  7. Mobilvetta (exclusive brand)
  8. Notin (exclusive brand)
  9. Randger (exclusive brand)
  10. Roller Team (exclusive brand)
  11. Website

Used motorhomes for sale

The Roller Team connection continues, from the start of the season to selling them off at the end of the year. It’s all a matter of first come first served when the season is over. The importation process does not restrict Urbano from selling a motorhome to anyone who wishes to buy one. Clearly, customers for rental come from all over Europe. Sales are no different and many UK buyers are looking for an LHD (left-hand drive motorhome). Everyone is welcome to come along to either branch and see what is for sale.

There are some issues for questions UK customers may have. Especially, warranty and guarantee obligations. They actually provide a guarantee for everything for a year. Also, should there be a fault, then are other options, like breakdown and roadside assistance throughout Europe.

Motorhome holiday rentals

However, motorhome rental holidays are popular in Europe. Especially, now in the UK and Europe, being an idea go anywhere destination. Belgium is an ideal location to start from. Easy access into France, Holland, Germany and beyond. Also, an ideal place to catch the ferry to the UK and enjoy an English motorhome vacation.

However, you are more than likely to find Brits crossing the channel to rent a motorhome. Or taking to the Eurostar to rent a motorhome from Urbano in Belgium. The expertise in renting out motorhomes is a major factor in the Urbano rental proposition. Knowing where to go and what to see are all part of the service. Also, explaining the options of what motorhome to rent, is just all part of the rental service. The main aim of the Urbano rental department is to make customers’ motorhome holidays stress-free. Also, making them a memorable pleasant experience, for all the family.