Used Auto-Sleeper Cotswold 2012. This Used Auto-Sleeper Cotswold 2012 was a very popular model for its time based on the Peugeot chassis, this had an end bedroom with excellent lounge facilities. It also had the premium pack so the specification was very good. Typical Auto-Sleeper it has a full kitchen adjacent to the habitation door. We had no trouble selling it but, because they are so popular people tend to keep them. In fact, this one came in part exchange and found a new owner in a very short time on sale. It became a happy story of people liking the condition and specification from the premium pack like the awning adding real value. This Auto-Sleeper Cotswold is a true Auto-Sleeper coach built motorhome and a firm favourite with its new owners.

Used Auto-Sleeper Cotswold 2012