Used Mercedes Benz Auto Sleeper Winchcombe 2015

Used Mercedes Benz Auto Sleeper Winchcombe 2015. A Used Mercedes Winchcombe 2015 two-berth motorhome with just 5,691 miles from new. This is an exceptional luxury motorhome that has a great payload. The Winchcombe is a luxury 2-berth motorhome with a large front lounge. As with all Auto-Sleepers, it has a top-of-the-range centre kitchen. For those who want space then the luxurious end washroom with a double shower is perfect. The specification really does have that flagship status. Built on the Mercedes chassis luxury motorhomes without compromise touring at their very best. The car-like driving position leaves this motorhome a top contender for more industry awards. A luxury Used Mercedes Winchcombe 2015 with just 5,691 miles from new. Used Mercedes Winchcombe 2015 are rare to find in this condition don’t miss this one.

Used Mercedes Benz Winchcombe 2015 two-berth motorhome