Warranty guarantee aftercare dealer support virtual assistants

Dealing with day-to-day warrantee enquiries and discovering that the warranty guarantee, aftercare dealer support, and virtual assistants are the real buzzwords now being everything about aftercare. However, issues have led Engineer Aftercare Ltd, a leading warranty and guarantee provider to investigate further. How much longer can the pandemic be blamed the list of issues appears to be endless here are some points.

  • Dealerships making warranty claims that must be carried out by the supplying dealer
  • The customer has to get the vehicle back at their own cost
  • No fun if the customers are on holiday or near home that is a long way from the supplying dealer
  • Customers being required to travel back to base, is that even legal?
  • Engineer Aftercare has discovered some customers do not know they have other options and rights
  • Considering that the price tag is often over £100K this has been surprising
  • Claims hourly rates paid do not meet what is needed a vast difference of £75 against £35
  • Increasingly finding that some dealers declining warranty claims
  • Especially not repairing vehicles they did not sell
  • Restrictions applied to making a claim
  • Some require reporting within 72 hours
  • Water ingress not being addressed quickly
  • Manufacturer parts are reportedly in short supply sometimes for months
  • Staff spending hours on claims with vast admin
  • Customers wanting money and refunds for vehicles in their words ‘Not fit for purpose’?

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

Engineer Aftercare has listened to customers and different claims management experts to provide solutions to help customers and dealers. Especially in handling certain aspects of claims management by taking out bespoke options with Engineer Aftercare solutions you are beginning to address old issues once and for all.

  • Providing a unique approach to warranty and guarantee aftercare 
  • Engineer Aftercare has some good options for main dealers
  • Competitively priced products are bespoke to selected dealers
  • “Upsell’ opportunities leading to increased profits
  • Engineer Aftercare provides all administration and aftercare support 
  • The underwriter provides claims management
  • This provides an exclusive relationship with the Approved Workshop Scheme
  • Customers can call any of the 560 AWS-approved workshops to assist
  • European cover includes fast approval of appropriate claims

Engineer aftercare unique product “enhanced habitation” NEW vehicles

  • This solves early habitation issues without requiring a back-to-base solution
  • No more customers bringing back vehicles to the supplying dealers
  • No headaches trying to find remote workshops to undertake claim works
  • Engineer Aftercare pays up to £75/hourly rate and offers standard Terms and conditions
  • Customers have claim staff to call and a dedicated customer liaison to speak to 6 days weekly and early evenings
  • Everything we do is bespoke to your business.
  • From calling each customer to welcoming them
  • Provide a branded cover booklet bespoke to the dealer
  • Pay £40 to £60 commission on renewals of the warranty and guarantees 
  • Engineer Aftercare will pick up all your aftercare and take away the strain

Coming soon the virtual assistant

The driving demand for better administration and support on motorhome marketing and SEO continues. With employment costs rising then having a virtual assistant can be very cost effective. Motorhome Campervan will launch our Virtual Assistant service soon for more details please register your interest. With so many new concepts like AI, Google Bard and others more resources will be required.

Example guarantee costs 

  • For current costs from Engineer Aftercare please get in touch with Martyn Raybould at 01243 264056
  • NEW Motorhome & Campervan Enhanced Habitation from £176+Vat
  • USED Pre-owned vehicles from £248+Vat