We buy any motorcaravan

We buy any motorcaravan free collections UK Scotland Wales the “We buy any motorcaravan” brand is one of the leading buyers of leisure vehicles in the UK. Being part of the hands-on director Shane Malpass has become one of the UK’s largest buyers of leisure vehicles. We buy any motor caravan and provide free valuations and collections nationwide. They have been established for over 13 years and are a family-owned business. Valuing all sorts of motorhomes, campervans, van conversions, and caravans and then buying them is an easy service for sellers. It is just a matter of contacting them in the first instance on 01283 240237. Then a member of their team will guide you through the information required and then phone you back with a valuation and an offer to buy for cash. The payments are via a bank transfer paid when collecting the vehicle within 48 hours of the first contact.

We buy leisure vehicles in UK and Scotland

We buy any motorcaravan video of every vehicle they buy presenting them on their YouTube channel this provides an excellent leisure vehicle library. Therefore, help anyone looking for a motorhome by providing information on layouts, berths and dimensions. Looking at the vast amount of videos makes you realize just how many motorhomes have been purchased by “we buy any motorcaravan”. There is no doubt that selling a leisure vehicle to the “we buy any motorcaravan” team, is a sound and easy way to dispose of any leisure vehicle.

We buy all motorhomes and campervans

We buy any campervans and are always looking for VW campervans, especially, T5 and T6. There are many we have brought in the past from exceptional campervan converters like Rolling Homes, Danbury, Bilbos, Tribe Campers, Camper King, and Hillside Leisure. Do you have a campervan for sale then let us know we will make an offer to buy it. Please note it is difficult to value old campervans, however, we will do our best to help.

Meet the team, Liam Connolly CEO 

Time to meet the guys, Liam Connoly, makes rapid progress in providing valuations, helping many customers to sell their motorhome campervan or caravan fast. Liam helps any clients who are needing to sell quickly. He understands that people become very attached to their leisure vehicles. Making sure that the customers get sound advice, and that clients know they are dealing with professionals makes the difference in getting a top price.

 Meet the team Pete Sennitt

Working alongside Liam Connoly is Pete Sennitt who takes time in researching valuations, and helps customers to sell their motorhome campervan or caravan. Peter knows from experience that customers need to look after to ensure they get a good deal. Getting all the leisure vehicle details correct is part of obtaining top valuations. Peter goes the extra mile to make sure the details are correct, with top offers provided.

The motorhome campervans video library

Being large buyers of motorhomes, campervans and caravans, we buy any motorcaravan discovered some years back to start and create videos of the leisure vehicles being brought and sold. Leading to their youtube channel growing into a very hands-on collection and helping buyers to find detailed information. Knowing the dimensions and what the layouts look like helps anyone interested in motorhomes, campervans and caravans especially, any first-time buyers.

Contact we buy any motorcaravan anytime 01283 240237 or 01283 688112

Sell your motorhome safely with we buy any motorcaravan

We Buy Any Motorcaravan, have strict and safe measures in place and we know that in these unprecedented times, to be safe, is the end goal. Our staff or you the customer must wherever possible adhere to government guidelines, especially, to social distancing and self-isolation. Therefore we have implemented the following things to help you to sell your motorhome or leisure vehicle:

  1. Fill in our online form with as much detail as possible
  2. We will then provide a free valuation for your motorhome/leisure vehicle
  3. Then arrange a day for our staff to come to you and finalise the transaction
  4. Staff will be wearing a mask, a new pair of gloves and using hand sanitiser for each appointment
  5. We will knock on the door or ring the doorbell as arranged and stand a safe distance away
  6. Sadly we will not shake hands, please do not be offended
  7. If you will kindly place the keys on the floor, we will then inspect the motorhome.
  8. We will inspect if everything is OK we, ask for your bank details
  9. Carry out the bank transfer and ask you to check the transfer
  10. Online we complete the transfer of ownership and send a digital invoice to your email
  11. We will then drive the motorhome away.

Alternatively, we are available at the office to arrange a time to meet you outside at a safe distance. We are available, to discuss our policies, please get in touch by calling;

Telephone 01283 240237 or 01283 688112

Remaining safe when dealing with, we buy any motorcaravan is to make sure we are all careful. Please keep in touch with friends and family as selling a motorhome may be stressful to its owner and we at we buy any motorcaravan like to support sellers through these difficult times.

Kind Regards

Shane Malpass


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