Weinsberg Motorhomes

There is a lot on offer with Weinsberg motorhomes, they are part of the Knaus Tabbert Motorhome Group. With today’s motorhomes, there is the ever increasing need to accommodate what the customer is looking for. Weinsberg understands what their customers are looking for. Especially, the profile and the needs of families, looking to develop themes from motorhome holidays. This is leading to even more, innovative ideas. Placing the Weinsberg motorhomes with outstanding price‐performance. The value for money motorhome, with a good specification is always on the Weinsberg motorhome agenda.

There is that refreshing look at the Weinsberg CaraKids package. This has helped the designers to make some excellent layouts. This is what younger customers are looking for. All of which available for the Cara One, Cara Two and the alcove mobile Cara Home. This stands out with the very colourful interior design. In addition, there are lots of additional safety features for children. Weinsberg motorhomes offers diverse CUV’s and motorhomes for camping novices. Also, still appealing to those seasoned motorhome veterans.

Weinsberg Motorhomes History

Weinsberg as a company has an extensive history. The company was started in 1912 by Gustav Alt and Wilhelm Schuhmacher. The business was  established in the Karosseriewerke Weinsberg in Baden‐Württemberg in Weinsberg and started the production. The company was sold to Fiat in 1938. Having made the Fiat 500 Toppolino a legend of a car. Making it’s first campervan in 1969 on a Fiat 328. In 2003 the new Knaus Tabbert GmbH was established and the brand Weinsberg was to become a specialist. Today with a excellent price performance it produces exciting motorhomes and leisure vehicles. The motorhome models;

  1. Cara Loft
  2. Cara Suite
  3. Cara Compact
  4. Edition [Pepper]
  5. Cara Home

Weinsberg Motorhomes Innovative Motorhomes

The innovative approach has succeeded in bringing a breath of fresh air to the European motorhome industry. The development has led to excellent motorhomes, caravans and caravanning. Also, making motorhomes, that offer the best value for money utility vehicles (CUV). This has made the modern Weinsberg motorhome, appeal to a more younger buyer. The development has be providing ingenious equipment in the layouts. Somewhat making the details in a Weinsberg motorhome, make those camping dreams come true.

Weinsberg Motorhomes Contacts

Customer service

Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 11:30 a.m.

Monday to Thursday: 01:30 – 03:30 p.m.

Phone: +49 (0)8583 / 21–999

E‐Mail: aftersales@knaustabbert.de

Weinsberg Motorhomes