Wessex Vans VW History

Wessex Vans VW History. Now, when you look at the Wessex Vans set-up, there is an air of history. So, much so, they decided to do some research. That research was on the 70-year history of the VW van! From an interesting start to an up-to-date view. Having a passion for kite-surfing, being, avid mountain bikers, that outdoor way of life was calling. Also, being close to the water at the Purbecks, had influence as well! The task for Wessex vans began, converting their own vans, begging the question, could they sell one? Upgrading the design ideas, was also quite a challenge, as the picture became clear, here was a business in the making! These things do happen! Wessex Vans are living proof of that. So, as they say, the rest was down to history.

They say everybody needs a hobby. However, those Wessex hobbies, have turned into a business. The development just got up and running. As with any VW conversions, those early customers were vital to establishing high standards. The customer avalanche had begun, today it continues. With existing customers, as well as new ones, all living proof of what may be possible. The seeing is believing, is all part of converting vans into Kombi’s and now into full VW campers. Clearly, in the early days, there was a clear gap, in the availability of good VW campervan conversions. As, clear as day becomes night, there was a great opportunity. By taking up filling a gap in the market, the Wessex Vans VW history has continued. Today, producing affordable, reliable VW van conversions. The journey continues, with a quality finish and functional designs, The Wessex way continues to be a winner.

Wessex Vans VW History The Beginning

Tracing that 70 years of VW history, has been an interesting project. A history of development, that the Wessex vans VW history, in some ways mirrors. The opportunity, From a Dutchman pointing out an idea, right down to that VW moment, that took the idea and began growing a huge leisure activity. Indeed, at that time, could anyone foresee the mammoth worldwide development of the VW campervan? From start to finish the idea continues. So, does Wessex Vans. So, the VW campervan enjoys a 70th birthday. From the humble VW van, through to T1 and T2 models. With a key update, with the transporter conversions growing in the status of the T5. Now, today, we see that T6, a sleek looker if ever there was one. The journey continues from;

  1. 1949, a VW van is born
  2. 1952, that VW bus makes an appearance
  3. 1955, that split-screen camper arrives
  4. 1968, it becomes a whole new ball game, with the T2 campervan
  5. 1973, that new look T2 with the distinctive window screen
  6. 1979, the T3 makes its distinctive entry
  7. 1983, the Caravella arrives
  8. 1985, with momentum and history a facelift sees new horizons
  9. 1988, a further look of a pop-top, Westfalia becomes a name associated with VW.
  10. 1991, a new T4 is a look to get used to!
  11. 2003, that T5 design, look and feel, drive things forward at pace
  12. 2015, legislation on all front the T6 takes the story to another level

Wessex Vans VW History 70 Years

Now, you may have been thinking about a VW camper for some time. It is a challenge, to make that decision and who to deal with. At Wessex Vans, that VW history counts for a lot. They love to see a customers dream come true. Experience shows if you take that passion, from hobby to business, then some things will fall into place. The Wessex Vans team, are all on hand, to share that passion with you. Help you develop that hobby and enjoy history. A history, that all Wessex customers carry on. Be, it up in the air or down on the ground, that Wessex experience awaits you!

Wessex Vans VW History The MAP

So, what have we been doing? Just simples, patiently waiting to show you the map! Well, take a look at the link from the past to now. To, find out more, about a 70 year history of the VW van! To contact Wessex Vans;

Wessex Vans

Unit 2, Vitrage Technical Park
27 Witney Road
BH17 0GL

Telephone +44 (0) 1202 979513

Wessex Vans VW History Campervans

From taking a basic VW,  in stunning colors, to creating that look, that says it all. VW and Wessex Vans, have a great history. In the VW case some 70 years. That kind of sums up the following of avid VW Campervan followers. From sunset boulevard, to a sunset in Dorset, that really does says it all.

Wessex Vans VW History Camper

At Wessex Vans, there is always someone to offer that VW campervan conversion advice. The moment that a deal is celebrated, the Wessex conversions will evolve around what the customer is looking for. There are always some VW campers in stock. All displayed on their website.