What license do I need to drive a motorhome? 

Having the correct documents knowing that motorhomes weighing less than 3.500kg may be driven on the ordinary United Kingdom or valid European driving license with European insurance cover. Store the documents in a safe place as with the reflective jackets compulsory in most European countries. Motorhomes and campervans overall length and width are crucial to get used to many have rear sensors and reversing cameras both, which are a great help when parking in tight spaces. Like any new vehicle driving for the first time, a feel for their size eventually becomes easy. In relation to a car, a motorhome is a joy to drive the more driving them the easier it becomes in parking using the mirrors and rear camera.

What license do I need to drive a motorhome? Documents

Daytime running lights are on most new motorhomes, therefore, everyone sees the motorhome easier and makes things a little safer. Take a test drive before buying a motorhome remember to understand the safety features where safety triangles are stored on how to isolate any gas or electric supplies. On the test drive reverse using the mirrors and reversing camera are great features to help safety when reversing or overtaking in a motorhome. When parking see who is behind applies to people on a campsite especially, children near play areas remember the driving licence to drive a motorhome ten points to check over;

  1. find out the weight of the motorhome
  2. what are the payloads?
  3. do not overload your motorhome
  4. are you insured?
  5. do you need a mot?
  6. are the lights all in order
  7. are the seat belts legal not lap belts?
  8. do you have the correct licence
  9. is your licence in date?
  10. warning triangle and high vis jackets in order

What license do I need to drive a motorhome? Licenses 

Points to remember – Motorhome FAQ. Many motorhomes are higher than a standard car. Also, ensure that bridge you are about to go under is not to low. So, know the height and width of your motorhome. In addition, overhanging over cabs also need to not be forgotten. When starting out it may be worth attending a motorhome tuition course. That way, you are able to listen to someone who will help you to familiarise how to drive safe. Having a professional handover, is also important. Knowing, how all the cab features work is as important, as knowing how the habitation side works.

What License Do I Need To Drive A Motorhome?