What Price The European Dream

An article that was written on the 19th of November 2018 I have taken some extracts to what I wrote about then in sheer flustration sometimes it is better to write for history and not take issue with anyone be they remain or leave as the saying goes “in God we trust, all others pay cash” sounds familiar doesn’t it. Here we are, over three years on from the referendum and who do you trust now? There is no point thinking, we have a Brexit deal, we do not have anything until the fat lady sings. Even if we have one, are we just going to sign a deal that probably is unworkable? The leave at all costs show little regard for jobs, all this is going to impact on us all as the costs spiral motorhomes and leisure related jobs will go!

Who in their right mind would be leaving the EU without a deal why inflict more pain on those struggling to pay bills the saving grace, for now, is that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings? Even if we have a new deal the damage done runs deep any politicians going to sign a deal that probably is unworkable need to be held to account. Having started this article with my serious hat we have to turn to humour, to make the point as no one would believe otherwise how many millions of pounds has that cost been so far? There are no winners in this whole Brexit affair there are many losers from what has become more that one issue leisure jobs are a part of things our biggest investors are from Europe will they stay or will they just say enough is enough and invest back in their own countries?

What Price The European Dream UK Investment?

What will the motorhome and leisure industry do to protect jobs and investment this time around we will not be fighting on the landing grounds or in the hills or the streets to free Europe who could have imagined that all those lost lives would amount to very little now some see Europe as the enemy? However, we will be fighting for jobs and pleading for investment if we do not understand the fundamentals of what the leisure industry brings. Having seen the investments from Trigano group and Erwin Hymer group in January 2017 they have to be accountable to shareholders the questions are how are those investments doing?

What Price The European Dream Motorhome Jobs

Looking at job losses in the leisure sector may be the one thing that shows the real situation for what it is yes there is a shortage of staff at motorhome dealers maybe all the cleaners and technicians have gone home to Europe? The fact is those negotiations in Brussels must have no stupid “no deals” if we are to defend our island jobs then we must be united in what we are going to do there is no other solution. Some, may well say that it is all a bit late now why? Because we surrendered having a referendum in the first place where is that David Cameron was long gone out of the public eye remember, Mr Churchill’s words, “history repeats itself” watch this space.

What Price The European Dream Euro Strong Pound Weak

Ignoring democracy forgetting the referendum the UK is losing jobs at an alarming rate and motorhome leisure businesses are affected by this many in many other sectors the damage is done anyone who says Brexit is not to blame must be deluded surviving the fallout are we going to jump off the cliff edge with a no-deal Brexit and all its stupidity. No way is this protecting investment or jobs so why even consider a no deal? The Europeans know the freedom enjoyed by motorhome owners visiting Europe may be down on numbers the rhetoric about BMW cars and French wine do people believe Europe needs us more than we need them this idea is utter garbage.