Where does motorhomes campervans caravans sales go from here?

Where does motorhomes campervans caravans sales go from here? There are so many questions that remain unanswered about Putin’s war and on reflection have we missed the whole point? Was Brexit the con of all cones? We know that the conservatives have received in excess of £2M from Russian related contacts. Did Putin see an easy win by bankrolling the leave campaigners? If Putin’s whole goal has been to destabilise the European Union and influence the USA elections using any means legal or dubious this war on Ukraine now shows his thinking. As they say “never underestimate your opponent” and the slow way governments have turned a blind eye to Crimea really does fall into that category. There is little point in criticising anyone as they say “we are where we are” so what are we going to do about it?

Interrupted supply chains

As we now know that just in time supply chain management are vital to any form of manufacturing and motorhomes and campervans are no exception. We here report of lack of silicon chips, not enough engines and chassis. These are all the symptoms leftover from Covide the difficult thing now is how we can all stand together to help Ukraine and its people? To survive is one thing, to recover is another and on the scale witnessed so far there is a long way to go. We think that we can try to help any leisure vehicle products sold from any of the baltic states has a free listing from Motorhomes Campervans. Also, we will try and maintain videos from the bloggers of anything of help or interest. Our main advertisers are continuing to look for used motorhomes and campervans they have some supply of new motorhomes but, that will not be easy to keep up with, however, we will try and keep up to date. Any questions please contact us.