Who is McLouis Fusion?

Who is McLouis Fusion a simple answer they are motorhomes of outstanding distinction from the giant McLouis Italian factory in Italy specialist models brought into the UK by Auto-Sleeper motorhomes? McLouis and Auto-Sleeper are part of the Trigano group a French company. McLouis Fusion is five models with fixed bed layouts and rear garage space looking at the backing of the McLouis Fusion range they are giants waiting to awake Auto-Sleeper motorhomes are one of the UK’s longest established motorhome manufacturers in UK. With a vast experience of making motorhomes of excellent McLouis, is a giant in its own right. Manufacturing Italian motorhomes from the Italian factory with giants, the Trigano group backing up as one of the largest motorhome manufacturers in Europe owning many known brands, this is an interesting way of marketing motorhomes in the UK.

Who Are McLouis Fusion? Made in Italy

McLouis motorhomes returning the UK, the McLouis Fusion is a range of five coach-built motorhomes with fixed bed layouts, sleeping up to four people and many have 5 seat belts and well-equipped kitchens. McLouis Fusion motorhomes returning to the UK the layouts provide areas that are perfect for cooking and entertaining the family. Combi 6 E blown air heating systems provide real value heating the models benefit from being downgraded to 3,500 kg, therefore, allowing them to be driven, on the standard UK driving licence there are some great key features about the McLouis Fusion range:

  1. fixed bed layouts
  2. rear garages
  3. five models 331, 360, 367, 373 and 379
  4. made in Italy
  5. many continental features
  6. McLouis Fusion dealers
  7. downgrades available
  8. many standard fittings
  9. Auto-Sleeper motorhomes marketing

Contact McLouis Motorhome Group Via Val d’Aosta 4 loc, Fosci IT – 53036, Poggibonsi (SI). Italy