WLTP Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Motorhomes

The WLTP Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure is legislation defined by EU law the WLTP laboratory test is used to measure fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from passenger cars as well as their pollutant emissions. The test was introduced in September 2018 with all-new cars registered certified under the WLTP test instead of the old NEDC test with the responsibility of the manufacturers to ensure it happens. How is this going to affect motorhomes we need to understand as changes of taxing motorhomes as cars are significant this has led to industry spokespersons urging the UK government to drop plans to tax motorhomes as cars? At present motorhomes are taxed as private light goods or heavy goods vehicles with motorhomes built using commercial chassis and engines, the manufacturers then convert the vehicles into motorhomes still confused well take a look in detail what WLTP is all about here?

WLTP Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Motorhomes UK Taxation

Motorhomes historically have been taxed as private light or heavy goods using a unique classification code, however, under the autumn finance bill they will be taxed as cars no longer as commercial or heavy goods vehicles the excise duty (VED) will increase in some cases from £265 to £2,315 and the tax costs will be higher for the first five years the pressure put on MP’s to table an amendment to the finance bill to avert this catastrophic tax hike is urgent. The government’s decision to tax motorhomes as cars do not look at the implications that this could see a fall in production less demand. This will lead to job losses in MP’s constituencies producing motorhomes then affecting other leisure-related jobs nationwide.

WLTP Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Motorhomes UK Video

Here is a video from Auto-Trader that does a good job of explaining what the new WLTP Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test and affects for Motorhomes are all about. Hopefully, filling some gaps in understanding why the changes came about and the implications. To check on how much this will affect motorhome ownership the rates are on the .gov website.